Monday, August 18, 2014

Donna Chiu Evangelistic Service at FBC

On Sunday 17th Aug 2014 the Taiwanese Gospel singer Donna Chiu Hai Zheng was at FBC in Kuching sharing her testimony and Gospel to our church including our guests. 

She was a former popular singer in Taiwan in the 80's.  Another famous Taiwanese singer Liu Wen Zheng discovered her.  Donna was a keen sport woman and her dream was to participate in the Olympic.  However, she also love singing and a sport journalist introduced her to Liu Wen Zheng who signed her up as his company very first recoding artist. She was sent to a modeling school for training but on the first day, the trainer though she was a delivery woman because of her dark skin and athlete look.

Her father objected to her singing career.  One day, he got lung cancer and Donna had to drive him for radio therapy.  She asked him why he did not like to watch her in concert or her TV shows.  Her father said he did not want to see her make any mistake.  Her dad wanted her to be married as all her siblings had already married.  She proposed to her long time boy friend which just took  just 30 seconds to complete!  While walking Donna at the wedding hall, Donna realized each step he took with her into her marriage, she was losing her father because he had only 3 to 6 months to live due to the cancer.  Her heart was very painful and she regretted that she did not spend time with her father. 

One night she was attending an award function, and her father died without seeing her for the last time. After knowing this news she cried non stop at the award venue as well as in the street.  She later decided to leave the entertainment world to raise a family.  She gave birth to a boy, his name is Philip.  After his birth Donna put on weight and people criticized her for being fat.  She was furious.

Around 2009 she and her son was holidaying in America, and Father's Day was around the corner.  Donna called her husband who told him he had gone to the church.  Donna almost failed from her chair because his father was the Managing Director of a temple!  How can he attend a church service?  Her husband explained he was touched by a young man of about 22 years old hugging his father of 70s and they told each other "I love you".  It was not the Chinese culture to be so open about love.  But her husband wanted this kind of relation with their son.  he promised to bring Donna to the church.

Two days after their return to Taiwan they attended the church service.  Donna criticized in her heart of the non professional singing and music playing.  She decided to seat by the side of the church although she was given the front seat.  She did not want people to recognize her as a former famous singer. When the hymn was sang, she began to weep and felt a big load taken slowly from her shoulders, and she felt lighter each moment passed.  The pastor saw her weeping and asked her whether she was ready to accept Jesus as her Savior.  She looked at her husband who nodded in agreement.  All three of them were led through the sinner's prayer.  One month later they were baptised.  That was in 2010.

Donna and her family serve in the worship ministry.  The pastor suggested she cut a Gospel album and perform Gospel songs to evangelize.  She hesitated because of bad experiences.  She prayed and bargained with God that if she could reduce 20 KG of weight she will cut an album and perform, but there was no answer from God.  She reasoned with God, how about 10 KGs? Still no answer.  How about 5 KGs? Still no answer.  In her prayers Gd told her no matter how she look like God loves her.  She committed herself to recording a Gospel album, and sharing the Gospel all over the places.  She has shared the Gospel in Italy, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and of course Taiwan.

In FBC she sang a few Mandarin Gospel songs.  Her son performed a song too.

At the end of her sharing she made an altar call and 6 people came to the Lord.  Hallelujah!  Praise and thank God!

Watch a video of her pop song and also her testimony on GOOD TV below:


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Israel Palestinian Conflict

There is a ceasefire in the Israel Palestinian conflict after about a month of fighting.  Even today many people do not know the details of this conflict, while many are blinded by their religion to look from one particular side.  Here is a short video which explain the actual situation in this conflict.

Watch this interesting video: