Friday, August 31, 2012

City Harvest Pastor To Plead Not Guilty

The Court case of City Harvest Church ( CHC) has been postponed to 4th Oct 2012.  All the six charged are likely to plead "not guilty" that is including Pastor Kong Hee.  From the very beginning of the case he has been saying this "I do maintain my integrity, and will rigorously defend that integrity against these charges,"

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Senior Alpha - Day Away

Last Saturday 25th Aug 2012 we had our Holy Spirit Day Away at our Church.  Usually the team goes to another location on Saturday afternoon and return on Sunday after lunch.  However, for our case due to logistic consideration and the age of our participants our team decided to do the "Day Away" at our Church.

It was indeed memorable for all of us, participants and Alpha team because that Saturday was also known as "Holy Spirit" weekend as well as the 7th Week of Senior Alpha.  It was a journey that we all cherish.  The experience was sweeter when two of the participants a husband and wife team accepted Jesus as their personal Savior!  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!  Our Church is encouraged by the working of the Holy Spirit on this couple and their coming to Christ.  Heaven also rejoices!

On the following Sunday, Bro. Neslon and Sis.Hwei Choo came to our Church service.  Praise God!  All Glory to Him!

Monday, August 27, 2012

City Harvest Warned by Commissioner of Charity

The court case of City Harvest Church (CHC) is still on going.  The legal fees for those charged by the courts should be substantial therefore the employees and members of the church has started a donation drive earlier to help pay the legal fees of those charged.  However, the Commissioner of Charity (COC) has disallowed them to solicit donations for the purpose of paying the legal fees of those charged.  The COC has also disallowed CHC from paying the legal fees of those charged. Disallowing the church to use its funds for the legal fees of those charged is understandable, but not allowing the employees or members to raise funds for this purpose is not clear.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Miracle of Sarah Lyn

Sarah Lyn is the daughter of Pastor Philip Lyn and Pastor Nancy Lyn.  Some years ago she accidentally hung herself while playing at her brother's piano teacher's house and she died.  Praise God she is alive now!  During our Church Camp last weekend Pastor Philip shared with us a recreation of the events leading to her revival.  Watch this video.  It is a little long (15 minutes) but it will be worth your while to witness the miracle of Sarah Lyn and God's amazing blessings upon her and her family.

The video has Chinese subtitles.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FBC Church Camp 2012

On 17th to 10th Aug 2012, our Church had our Church Camp at One Hotel, Santubong, a resort about 30 KM from Kuching City.

Our speak was Pastor Philip Lyn from SIB Skyline, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.  He came with his wife Pastor Nancy Lyn and daughter Sarah Lyn.

Pastor Philip was a inspiring speaker and his humility was apparent to us.  He spoke on the subjects of "Prayers, Faith and evangelism".  His teaching was indeed timely as our Church is embarking on a new phrase.  Prayer is very important for Christians, and it was very appropriate to understand this subject as individual and Church.  We were very encouraged by his teaching.  Praise God that 32 members turned up for pre-service prayers on Saturday 18th Aug, 2012 at the camp! ( about 100 plus members attended this camp).

It was a very enjoyable event as many fun activities were conducted and participated by our members.  One of our ethos is "Relationship", and from the participation we can firmly confirm our unity as a family is intact.  Acting, dancing and fun games were carried out. These activities were carried out with little preparations, like on Saturday each team were given instruction about the acting events, and that very evening shows were put out by the 5 teams.  The shows were very funny and entertaining.  Pastor Philip commented that he had never seen such talented, crazy and funny Church congregation before!  We took that comment as a compliment.  Many hidden talents were discovered during the camp.  Sister Nancy Wong, awarded best actress,  acted as the lion in the theme song of "Lion King".  The crowd went wild watching her funny antics.  Our best actor Dr. Chen was funny as the main character in the theme song "We are family".  There were other entertaining acts which were very funny and entertaining.  Several unplanned hiccups like Sister Irene's wardrobe malfunction while on stage and Bro. Chiew needing his reading glass when he was about to read out the nominations of an award.

We really had a great time of fun as well as bounding as a family during the camp.  The fun aside, we also learned valuable lessons about prayers, faith and evangelism from Pastor Philip Lyn.

Our Church has indeed been encouraged by the dual vocational Pastor Dr.Philip Lyn, his wife Nancy and daughter Sarah.  Pastor Philip Lyn is in full time ministry as well as in full time work as a doctor.  It is amazing how he can carry out these two jobs excellently.   There is only one answer, "Because he has God and with God nothing is impossible.

Praise God for an amazing Church Camp!  Hallelujah!  All glory to God!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

City Harvest Church - Eye Witness

The saga of City Harvest Church (CHC) has not ended as the court case is still pending.  By any account the troubles ate CHC has resulted in extensive news coverage not only in Singapore but in many parts of the world.

Christians from outside of Singapore may not exactly know the truth to these matters.  But if some one who has been to the church told you stories and their experiences, than perhaps you will get a better picture of CHC situation.

Recently, a friend of my wife came to visit.  Knowing that she is a Christian, I asked her what exactly happened to CHC.  She said in fact she has attended many of its services over the years although she is from another denomination.  From her earlier visits she enjoyed their services very much.  However, in one occasion she was taken aback at what the Senior Pastor commented when he introduced his wife Sun Ho who as just breaking into the pop music scene in Singapore.  According to our friend, Sun Ho appeared in church wearing a reveling dress.  Her dressing was already inappropriate for a pastor's wife and the church service, but when the Senior Pastor asked the congregation, "Isn't she sexy?" our friend was shocked beyond words.  You may be wondering how can such word come from a Pastor in Church?  What kind of message was he giving the congregation?  Should a man of God say such things in the presence of the congregation?  You get the idea, perhaps you have more questions of your own.  Back to our friend, she said that was the last time she ever attend CHC service.

When you examine all the incidences and what members, and visitors to the church observed you cannot ignore making a stand if you are a serious Christian.  It is not being judgmental here, but to take a stand as to whether this church is a church of God or otherwise.

Some how this negative exposure of what had been done in the church has far reaching consequences on all Christian churches whether we like it or not. 

Note: read the news about Mr.Poon who questioned the church before the case surfaced on the link above.

Friday, August 10, 2012

90 Minutes in Heaven

A man involved in a car accident died and when to heaven for 90 minutes.  Watch this true story:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hope of Jubilee - 40-Day Fast and Pray

Today 7th Aug 2012 is the start of National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) 40-Day fast and pray initiative.  It is God's timing that as we start this fast and pray, it is also the 50th year of the formation of Malaysia as an independent nation.  This nation came into being from the joining together of Sarawak, Sabah and Peninsula Malaysia 50 years ago.  Since, the formation of Malaysia tremendous changes have happened, some good some not good.  In the area of freedom of worship and equality in many spears of life have not been as what the minorities wanted.  Foremost, for Christians is the total freedom to worship in the manners prescribed by our faith.  Christianity is teaching us love and this love have been demonstrated in the many charitable works done by Christians before the creation of our nation.  Like the Christians who came from Europe to set up schools, and hospitals to help the locals.  Some missionaries traveled deep into the jungle to serve the natives there.  They demonstrated their Christ-likeness in their sacrifice for the native people.  Yet today, how many of us even know who these missionaries were?  Never mind about this, the point is Christians served and are serving the people.

The 40-Day Fast and Pray is for this nation which we call home.  Even though many are not native here, but we are born here and call this country our home.  We fast and pray for God's intervention to put in a righteous government that works for the people.

For the past few years it has been observed that more Christians are aware of the need to pray for our nation as many Christians are turning up in prayer meetings organized nation wide.  The turn out in many of these meetings were phenomenal. Rightfully so as we need to stand and pray as One Body of Christ.

Praise and thank God for this nation with abundance that need to be utilized wisely.  Let us be discerning and wise in our decisions for this nation.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Medical Mission

On 29th July 2012 our Church sent a medical mission to the long houses in the vicinity of Sebuyau.  Two Life Groups ( Cells ) participated in this mission.  There were 5 doctors from our Church, Dr.Tiong. Dr.P.T Tan, Dr.Chen, Dr Wong, and Dr.Lee.  This mission was also a combined efforts of the Iban congregation together with the Emglish congregation.  Prior to this mission, the Iban congregation have been visiting long houses in Sebuyau on a monthly basis.  Before 29th July 2012 the Iban members were there one night earlier to prepare the arrival of the other members from our Church.  Praise God that it was a very successful mission because as many as 200 people in the long houses had their medical checks and in this process two patients were identified that they need to be admitted to the General Hospital for further treatment.  From the point view of our Church we were just doing a little to help these needy folks in the long houses.

Beside medical help our members also prayed for the people there.

This was the first medical mission and there will be more coming.

Thank God that we can do a little to help others who are in need.

Thanks to Bro.Tiong for uploading this video on to You tube so that others can also watch it.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Peter Truong Healing Service

Pastor Peter Truong is from Hope Church, Brisbane, Australia.  He has been in Kuching for the past two weeks to conduct several healing services for a number of churches.  He was preaching and teaching at our church last Sunday, and on Monday evening he conducted another Spirit filled healing service at our church.

In this service our church invited churches from Kuching to join.  Christians came from Good News Fellowship, Emmanuel Baptist church, Calvary Family church, St.Faith Anglican, Trinity Methodist church and of course not forgetting members from Hope church, Kuching.  Their pastor Dennis Lu also attended this service.

Probably about 200 hundred Christians were in the service, and there were a few non Christians invited by our members.  It was a Spirit filled healing service as many were expecting the move of the Holy Spirit in healing emotional, spiritual, and physical ailments.  Before the healing service started, Bro.Austin of St.Faith Anglican shared how he was prayed by Pastor Peter two years ago when he was having throat cancer then.  Doctors at the General Hospital here instructed him to go to Kuala Lumpur to seek treatment, but he did not go as he trust the Lord to heal him.  He went through the normal chemo and radiation, and praise the Lord that he did not drop any hair like the other patients.  That alone was a testimony to the others.  Later he was prayed by Pastor Peter and following that he was healed of his cancer.  Praise the Lord! 

The Spirit filled worship continued as the healing service was conducted.  That was the first time, I ever witnessed about 50 brothers and sisters were slain in one session after Pastor Peter prayed for them!  Glory to God!  Many were healed of their ailments, and some gave their testimonies later in the service.

When Pastor Peter conducted an altar call and four non believers came forward and accepted Jesus as their personal Savior!  Hallelujah! 

The service started at 7.30 pm and only finished at 12 midnight.

Thank God for sending Pastor Peter Truong to our church!