Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why Should Christians Care about Israel
As a group of about 32 of us are preparing to make our pilgrimage to Israel, I came across an article explaining why Christians should care about Israel.  It is a given that Israel is the chosen land of God, and the Israelite are the chosen people of God.  There is no two ways about this.  As Christians we are children of God and He is the same God who chose Israel as His "home".  Against all odds, as it was prophesied in the Bible the nation of Israel will stand, thus in 1948 the modern state of Israel was created by more 660,000 returning Jews.

We Christians are forever connected to Israel, even if you do not like what ever is happening politically in Israel today.  We are also connected to Israel spiritually.  The historical connection is important because biblical times were recorded in history, and when we want to learn about God we have to study the historical facts.  You cannot understand Jesus fully if you do not know the places He has been, preach, teach and communicated with His disciples and the Jews.

Overall most of the media gives negative views of Israel and its policies.  But the realities in Israel and its surrounding are different.  People of different races and religions live together and help each others.  Like in the hospital you have Jewish doctors working side by side Arab doctors.  Similar patients from each race treated each other without any issue.

There is a good article on this subject, the author wrote very well please read it at the link above.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Understand Holocaust Understand Israel
About 32 of us from our Church will be making our pilgrimage to Israel on 15th April 2013.  This is not going to be a usual tour of a country but we are going as pilgrims, our hearts and souls connected to our God through the Holy Land.  It is God's divine plan for us to visit.  It is timely too as our government has officially allowed pilgrimage to Israel.  It was prohibited before end of last year.

When I read an article about the holocaust, the suffering of the Jews, and creation of the State of Israel, I realize the connection of Christians to Israel and understanding their plight is significant.  It was indeed God's plan for the re-creation of the ancient Israelite State.  God has appointed the Israelite to be the first people of God in the past, today they are till these people. Their suffering under the Nazi was horrendous and cruel.  The Nazi was so cruel and evil, sometimes we wonder how can a human inflict such pain and cruelty upon another human.  But God had said that man has evil hearts, and without God we perished.  Out of this suffering, the State of Israel was re-created in 1948 by about 660,000 Jews returning to Israel from all over the world.  Since then, they have prospered, but they are still not "out of the woods" as they have to struggle daily against their enemies living within and near their borders.  It has to be God's protection otherwise Israel cannot stand alone against their enemies surrounding them.  Similarly many Christians are also persecuted all over the world, we have seen that in Egypt, the Middle East, China, Indonesia, even in Malaysia here.  We Christians are connected to the Holy Land.  It may not be physical but it is certainly spiritual.  You cannot be a Christian and claim you do not want to know the history of the Israelite.

I am looking forward to our pilgrimage to Israel, and pray for fresh encounter with God in the Holy Land.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Biggest Church in South East Asia

The Calvary Church which is now known as Calvary Convention Centre has just recently moved into the new futuristic building.  If you look from the top you will see a space ship like structure.  It was constructed at a cost of MYR200 million ( about USD30 million).  The size is about 600,000 sq. ft covering about 5 acres of land.

For the past few years during the construction of this building, the church faced problems like some members accusing the Senior Pastor Gunarutnam and his assistants for misappropriation of funds.  If not mistaken, they were taken to court.  Despite the troubles the church went through the building is finally finished and occupied.

It is some kind of a statement for Christians in Malaysia.  The majority of our population is Muslim, and only about 9% of the population is Christian and yet such a huge church is now built.  This is also the testimony of steadfastness of Christians in this country.  Despite many odds against the Christian communities in this country we are able to worship in our own churches.

All glory to God!

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