Thursday, September 18, 2014

Habitat for Humanity Kuching

On 17th Sept 2014, six of our Life Group members participated in Habitat for humanity Borneo Blitz build at Jalan Stephen Yong road in Kuching.  This is a major build for Habitat as 14 houses will be built in one location.  These houses are concrete duplex houses of high quality.

We did various jobs like brick laying, mixing cement, carry bricks, some plastering, removable of dirt etc.  Although we were involved for only one day, it was a full day's work.  Practically we work through out the day.

Praise God that the house we were helping to build belongs to our Iban Church member Billy!  What a nice surprise.  If he did not mentioned that he worship at FBC we won't know because we do not know all the Iban members of our church.  Billy and his wife were there to help too.  This is part of the agreement for being awarded a Habitat house.

This experience reminded me of my participation in Habitat Mongolia in 2005.  A team of us from our church joined Habitat Mongolia to go to a city called Darhan about 400 km from UlanBator, the capital of Mongolia.  We also had a blessed time there building for the Mongolian families.  They were very appreciative of our help.  We ourselves were also very much blessed to be able to do a little to help the less fortunate.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Malaysia Day of Prayer

Last evening, Kuching Ministers Fellowship (KMF) organized a Malaysia Day of Prayer to celebrate the 51st year of formation of Malaysia at Good News Fellowship church, Kuching.  KMF has been organizing fairly regular prayer meetings for the past three years or so.  As our nation experienced tremendous changes, in particular those affecting religious freedom of non-Muslim in this country especially Christians, we witness the gathering of Christians to pray for this nation and its leaders.

The sanctuary of the church was full and there must be at least four hundred people there from various evangelical denominations.  As a Pastor put it, the gathering of so many Christians from most evangelical denominations has been unprecedented.  For the past 2 years we in Sarawak had witness this trend and this is a good sign.  Christians are now coming together as One Body in Christ to defend our beliefs and the freedom of religion as enshrined in the Federal constitution.

Last evening prayer and worship was very fervent, and we really felt the presence of God in the church.  Most importantly, we sensed that God has always been with us from the past, now and the future.  Pastor Matthew shared that when the white Rajas ruled Sarawak, they brought Christian values to our Land.  These have blessed Christians and non-Christians to this day.  Sarawak started out with less than 10 percent Christians and now we have more than 40 percent Christians.  Praise God for this numbers!  We will continue to pray and share the Gospel to the rest of the people to bless them and to lead them to God's kingdom.

Malaysia is our country, and rightfully we as Christians are proud to be Malaysians.  So proud that we even sang "Negaraku" ( means our country in Malay) last evening!  God bless Malaysia!  During the meeting the people prayed for our nation as well as the national leaders.  God has plan for Malaysia and we have to pray and seek His face, and His ways for our nation.  We also prayed for the national leaders to do the right things for the people, and this country.

It was indeed a prayerful evening that lasted from 7.30 pm to about 10.15 pm.  Praise and thank God for all Christians in this state, and also those who came last evening to represent One Body in Christ Jesus.  Let us not stop at the meeting, but in our homes let us continue to pray for our country.  Hallelujah!  Praise God!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hope Place

Hope Place Kuching is a non-governmental charity organization founded by Kevin Wan.  Its main objective is to provide foods and basic necessities to the less fortunate in Kuching and its surroundings.  Our Mandarin Church has been partnering this organization for sometime now in helping to distribute supplies to various families once every two months.

Last Saturday, I, two members from English church and two members from Mandarin church had the opportunity to deliver foodstuffs to three families.

The first family was at 9th Mile Serian road, the woman that we were to give the foods was not in, but her disabled son was locked in the house.  He was locked from outside, so he could not open the door.  We had to leave the foods with the neighbour.

The second family was a Malay family with 7 children at Haji Baki.  They live in a small but concrete house.  The man works as a wireman, and his wife looks after the children.

The third family is Chinese family of three, father, mother and son.  Both parents are in their 70s and their son is mentally handicapped.

It was humbling to meet these less fortunate people just surrounding Kuching.  The tough lives they have to bear, and seeing some struggling yet contented is really something.  We in the city may complain about our less than ideal circumstances, but compared to their problems these are nothing.  Indeed, we must count our blessings for all that our Lord has provided.  In whatever ways we can we must help the needy.  Even our Lord says it is better to give than receive. (Acts 20:35 )

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