Wednesday, October 30, 2013

God's Plan for Human Sexuality

Our church has the privilege to host Re. Andrew Carter pastor of Therfield Chapel, U.K.  he is also a lecturer in Systematic Theology and Apologetics at Christian Heritage Cambridge.  Rev Carter is no stranger to us as he has accompanied his father John Carter to our church about three years ago.  His father John Carter has been minsitering to churches in Malaysia for the past 30 years, in view of his age (70s) he could not come this time.

Rev Carter is speaking on a very important and pressing issue of human sexuality especially the kind that is not according to Scriptures.  He said in the West everything is seen from a secular view point, like sexual orientations.  The West claimed that human has the right to chose their own sexual orientation and no one is to judge these people.  He said the Western reality is like plastercine, they can creat their own reality.  Therefore this secular views and pratises are at odd with Christianity.  How are we as Christians are to response to these threats? How are we to influence the public to subscribed to the truths as prescribed in the Bible? Can people of the same gender get married?  What does the Bible says about marriage?  There are many more questions regarding sexuality will be answered by Rev Carter in his four sessions talk from 28th Oct to 31st Oct 2013 at FBC, Jalan Tapang, Kuching.

Those who are interested to learn more, you are welcome to attend his sessions tonight 30th Oct and the last session 31st Oct 2013.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Kelvin Soh Evangelistic Outreach at FBC, Kuching

On 27th Oct 2013, our church hosted the Kelvin Soh Evangelistic Outreach.  Kelvin and his wife Suzanne are from Singapore.  This was jointly organized with Joy Women Fellowship in Kuching.  Prior to coming to our church, I understand Kelvin had a successful dinner outreach organized by EBC, Kuching where about 500 people attended.

Kelvin Soh and his wife Suzanne had a powerful testimony.  Both came from different world, Kelvin a former drug addict and prisoner where as Suzanne formerly an air stewardess. By God's grace they became husband and wife.  Kelvin went in and out of prison for about 24 years, so a large part of his life was spent in prison.

He testified that one day after he was canned four strokes, he could not sit because of the pain at his back, he asked for a comic to read.  Instead, the prison guard gave him a Mandarin Bible, and there was a book mark on Hebrew 12:5 and he read "My son, do not make light of the Lord’s discipline,
    and do not lose heart when he rebukes you,...After reading this verse he realised God is calling him to return home.  After coming to the Lord he started writing Gospel songs in Hokkien and Mandarin.  He had no prior knowledge of music, and even now he could not read music.  His talent is a gift of God.

His wife's testimony was amazing too.  She had came to the Lord earlier and she was trying to evangelise to her parents although a habitual gambler, but her parents said if you get married than they will accept the Lord.  So Suzanne told her friend and sister, they prayed about her marriage.  One evening she attended Kelvin Soh's singing outreach, and she tried to hand him a CD to encourage him as he was just starting out.  However, she felt and could see that Kelvin was interested in her, she shared that there was "electricity" in his look.  She spoke to the Lord and said this could not be the man she will marry because both came from very different back ground.  However, this meeting was confirmed by her youner sister who have been praying for her.  To cut the story short, both became husband and wife.  Now they travel together to evangelise in many countries.  Both of them shared that it was indeed the grace of God that they can be together serving Him.  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!.

At the end of the meeting Kelvin made an altar call, and 14 people accepted the Lord!  Praise God and thank our God!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Joanne Ng Evangelistic Outreach
On 13th Oct 2013 our church had the previlege to host Gospel singer/song writer for an evangelistic outreach to the people in Kuching.  It was organized by our Mandarin church for the purpose of evangelising to the losts.

The testimony of Sis Joanne was very powerful as she came from a Chinese family back ground that was familiar to many of us.  Her mother was a temple medium and she was brought up staying at the temple.  Her mother would go into trance in worship to her gods, many times multilating herself in the act of seeking favours on behalf of devotees.  Joanne often cried because she did not like what her mother was doing.  She felt that her mother had a hard life serving her gods.  While she was about 11 her friends introduced her to Jesus.  She learnt from her friends and eventually at 13 years old she accepted the Lord!  After that she felt much peace and she could sleep well.  Her mother despiced her for accepting a "foreign God".  That was how many Chinese non believers understood about God. Through Joanne's prayers and worship her mother slowly changed and accepted her as a Christian. One day she took her mother to church, and her mother felt peace and wanted to become a Christian.  When the pastor gave an altar call, she went forward and accepted Jesus as her Savior.  However, after she got home she still worship her gods.  Joanne rebuked her for doing so, but her mother said she was afraid that her gods will come after her that was why she worshipped them.  Eventually, with prayers and help of Joanne's pastor all idols were removed from her house.  She accepted Jesus as her personal Savior and felt much peace.  Her dad only came to the Lord in his old age of about 73 years old.  At that time he was suffering from cancer and had to take morphine prescribed by the doctor.  Before he came to the Lord, God showed him the beauty of heaven, with many beautiful flowers, nice buildings, and pleasant environment. He yold Joanne he was ready to be a Christian and requested for a priest to baptise him.  He wanted a priest and not a pastor, and that was arranged.  He was baptised accordingly.  That night he had the most restful sleep, and he slept until 10 am the next day which he never did before! Praise God!

We thank God for such an inspiring testimony.  Sis Joanne made her session interesting because as she shared and she interceded with her Gospel songs in Hokkien and Mandarin.  She wrote all her Hokkien songs.  The amazing fact is that she could not read or write Mandarin yet she could write Mandarin Gospel songs. This is also a testimony of a great God we worship!

At the end of the meeting, Sis Joanne made an altar call as well as praying for those in need.  Many people came forward and the most encouarging thing was that five people accepted the Lord that evening.  Praise and thank God!  Hallelujah!  All glory to God!

To read more about Joanne go to the link above.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Walking With God Through Pain and Suffering by Timothy Keller

Pastor Timothy Keller recently launched his new book, "Walking with God through pain and suffering" and here is a short video of his comments on these subjects.

What he says is true we cannot escape suffering and pain in this life but we can be prepared.  As Christians we can be better prepared as we have the teaching from the Bible to help us.

Here is another interesting video about God, pain and suffering.  Many people argued that if there is a God evil should not exist.  Then again.. watch this video for the answer.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Teaching of Giancarlo and Catherine Elia

This morning our Church had the privilege to host Giancarlo and Catherine Elia from the United Kingdom.  They had preached in our Church before.  Giancarlo is a former lawyer who praticeed law fro about 27 years before leaving his profession to minister to varous churches worldwide.  Catherine worked in different industries in North America, Europe and China.

The broad messages of both are God's love, God's presence and evangelism.  Catherine shared that people our there are crying for God and many do not know Him.  We as Christians, having God in us are to reach out to them in love.  Many other religions recated with anger against those who do not believe what they do, but for us we reach out in love.  She shared how she approached people in public places and how she prayed for them. Many accept her offers.

Giancarlo shared Zephaniah 3:17 "The Lord God is with you, and He is mighty to save.  He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing”. God is with us and in us.  We are to reach out in love for the lost.  We have power because of the Holy Spirit that is in us.  In John 16:7 Jesus said He had to leave otherwise the Counselor cannot come.  Once He leaves for the Father, the Holy Spirit came to indwell in us.  

The Gospel may be foolish to the world, but to us it is power.  We are to share the Good News with others.  Many out there are lost and they do not know what to do.  In what ever professions we are in, reach out to others in love.  It is God's command for us to share the Good News with others.

After both of their sharing, there was a time of prayers and ministering to the congregation.  Many went to the front of the sanctuary to be prayed for by Giancarlo and Catherine.  Many of them were "slained" by the Holy Spirit.  It had been a wonderful work of the Holy Spirit and many were ministered in our congregation.

Praise God and thank Him for Giancarlo and Catherine Elia.