Friday, December 12, 2014

Marriage Course Graduation 2014

Last evening the graduation party for The Marriage Course was held at Imperial Hotel, Kuching.  This was the second course organized jointly between the Welfare, Women and Family Ministry of Sarawak and Alpha Malaysia.  The Sarawak Alpha is headed by Dr. Wong Howe Tung and Gan Chuei Lian.  In view of the raising divorce rate in Malaysia, the WWFM recognized the need to strengthen marriages.

The party was graced by Welfare, Women and Family Minister Datuk Fatimah Abdullah.  The event was also attended by Alpha Malaysia, SEA head, Foo Lai Wai, Relation Central Manager, Ai Siang, and Alpha National Coordinator Melissa Then.

Altogether there were 31 couples but not all of them could attend the function last night.

One important milestone of this course is that this second intake has more young couples.  The youngest in terms of marriage is a couple who is married only for two years.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014


Dementia is a dreadful disease that doctors do not know the exact cause and also have found no cure.

My mum is diagnosed with this disease and in fact she is unable to recognize any of his children.  Actual she could not response to any question, and unable to communicate with any one.  She just make some chattering noise.  She is now living in a home.

Watch this video about dementia.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Joseph Prince's Teaching Biblical?

Joseph Prince is a popular pastor from Singapore.  He is famous for his teaching on "hyper grace" but is his teaching biblical?

Read an article written for Charisma news to find out.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Habitat for Humanity Kuching

On 17th Sept 2014, six of our Life Group members participated in Habitat for humanity Borneo Blitz build at Jalan Stephen Yong road in Kuching.  This is a major build for Habitat as 14 houses will be built in one location.  These houses are concrete duplex houses of high quality.

We did various jobs like brick laying, mixing cement, carry bricks, some plastering, removable of dirt etc.  Although we were involved for only one day, it was a full day's work.  Practically we work through out the day.

Praise God that the house we were helping to build belongs to our Iban Church member Billy!  What a nice surprise.  If he did not mentioned that he worship at FBC we won't know because we do not know all the Iban members of our church.  Billy and his wife were there to help too.  This is part of the agreement for being awarded a Habitat house.

This experience reminded me of my participation in Habitat Mongolia in 2005.  A team of us from our church joined Habitat Mongolia to go to a city called Darhan about 400 km from UlanBator, the capital of Mongolia.  We also had a blessed time there building for the Mongolian families.  They were very appreciative of our help.  We ourselves were also very much blessed to be able to do a little to help the less fortunate.

More infor:

Habitat, Mongolia

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Malaysia Day of Prayer

Last evening, Kuching Ministers Fellowship (KMF) organized a Malaysia Day of Prayer to celebrate the 51st year of formation of Malaysia at Good News Fellowship church, Kuching.  KMF has been organizing fairly regular prayer meetings for the past three years or so.  As our nation experienced tremendous changes, in particular those affecting religious freedom of non-Muslim in this country especially Christians, we witness the gathering of Christians to pray for this nation and its leaders.

The sanctuary of the church was full and there must be at least four hundred people there from various evangelical denominations.  As a Pastor put it, the gathering of so many Christians from most evangelical denominations has been unprecedented.  For the past 2 years we in Sarawak had witness this trend and this is a good sign.  Christians are now coming together as One Body in Christ to defend our beliefs and the freedom of religion as enshrined in the Federal constitution.

Last evening prayer and worship was very fervent, and we really felt the presence of God in the church.  Most importantly, we sensed that God has always been with us from the past, now and the future.  Pastor Matthew shared that when the white Rajas ruled Sarawak, they brought Christian values to our Land.  These have blessed Christians and non-Christians to this day.  Sarawak started out with less than 10 percent Christians and now we have more than 40 percent Christians.  Praise God for this numbers!  We will continue to pray and share the Gospel to the rest of the people to bless them and to lead them to God's kingdom.

Malaysia is our country, and rightfully we as Christians are proud to be Malaysians.  So proud that we even sang "Negaraku" ( means our country in Malay) last evening!  God bless Malaysia!  During the meeting the people prayed for our nation as well as the national leaders.  God has plan for Malaysia and we have to pray and seek His face, and His ways for our nation.  We also prayed for the national leaders to do the right things for the people, and this country.

It was indeed a prayerful evening that lasted from 7.30 pm to about 10.15 pm.  Praise and thank God for all Christians in this state, and also those who came last evening to represent One Body in Christ Jesus.  Let us not stop at the meeting, but in our homes let us continue to pray for our country.  Hallelujah!  Praise God!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hope Place

Hope Place Kuching is a non-governmental charity organization founded by Kevin Wan.  Its main objective is to provide foods and basic necessities to the less fortunate in Kuching and its surroundings.  Our Mandarin Church has been partnering this organization for sometime now in helping to distribute supplies to various families once every two months.

Last Saturday, I, two members from English church and two members from Mandarin church had the opportunity to deliver foodstuffs to three families.

The first family was at 9th Mile Serian road, the woman that we were to give the foods was not in, but her disabled son was locked in the house.  He was locked from outside, so he could not open the door.  We had to leave the foods with the neighbour.

The second family was a Malay family with 7 children at Haji Baki.  They live in a small but concrete house.  The man works as a wireman, and his wife looks after the children.

The third family is Chinese family of three, father, mother and son.  Both parents are in their 70s and their son is mentally handicapped.

It was humbling to meet these less fortunate people just surrounding Kuching.  The tough lives they have to bear, and seeing some struggling yet contented is really something.  We in the city may complain about our less than ideal circumstances, but compared to their problems these are nothing.  Indeed, we must count our blessings for all that our Lord has provided.  In whatever ways we can we must help the needy.  Even our Lord says it is better to give than receive. (Acts 20:35 )

Watch a video of Hope Place:

Monday, August 18, 2014

Donna Chiu Evangelistic Service at FBC

On Sunday 17th Aug 2014 the Taiwanese Gospel singer Donna Chiu Hai Zheng was at FBC in Kuching sharing her testimony and Gospel to our church including our guests. 

She was a former popular singer in Taiwan in the 80's.  Another famous Taiwanese singer Liu Wen Zheng discovered her.  Donna was a keen sport woman and her dream was to participate in the Olympic.  However, she also love singing and a sport journalist introduced her to Liu Wen Zheng who signed her up as his company very first recoding artist. She was sent to a modeling school for training but on the first day, the trainer though she was a delivery woman because of her dark skin and athlete look.

Her father objected to her singing career.  One day, he got lung cancer and Donna had to drive him for radio therapy.  She asked him why he did not like to watch her in concert or her TV shows.  Her father said he did not want to see her make any mistake.  Her dad wanted her to be married as all her siblings had already married.  She proposed to her long time boy friend which just took  just 30 seconds to complete!  While walking Donna at the wedding hall, Donna realized each step he took with her into her marriage, she was losing her father because he had only 3 to 6 months to live due to the cancer.  Her heart was very painful and she regretted that she did not spend time with her father. 

One night she was attending an award function, and her father died without seeing her for the last time. After knowing this news she cried non stop at the award venue as well as in the street.  She later decided to leave the entertainment world to raise a family.  She gave birth to a boy, his name is Philip.  After his birth Donna put on weight and people criticized her for being fat.  She was furious.

Around 2009 she and her son was holidaying in America, and Father's Day was around the corner.  Donna called her husband who told him he had gone to the church.  Donna almost failed from her chair because his father was the Managing Director of a temple!  How can he attend a church service?  Her husband explained he was touched by a young man of about 22 years old hugging his father of 70s and they told each other "I love you".  It was not the Chinese culture to be so open about love.  But her husband wanted this kind of relation with their son.  he promised to bring Donna to the church.

Two days after their return to Taiwan they attended the church service.  Donna criticized in her heart of the non professional singing and music playing.  She decided to seat by the side of the church although she was given the front seat.  She did not want people to recognize her as a former famous singer. When the hymn was sang, she began to weep and felt a big load taken slowly from her shoulders, and she felt lighter each moment passed.  The pastor saw her weeping and asked her whether she was ready to accept Jesus as her Savior.  She looked at her husband who nodded in agreement.  All three of them were led through the sinner's prayer.  One month later they were baptised.  That was in 2010.

Donna and her family serve in the worship ministry.  The pastor suggested she cut a Gospel album and perform Gospel songs to evangelize.  She hesitated because of bad experiences.  She prayed and bargained with God that if she could reduce 20 KG of weight she will cut an album and perform, but there was no answer from God.  She reasoned with God, how about 10 KGs? Still no answer.  How about 5 KGs? Still no answer.  In her prayers Gd told her no matter how she look like God loves her.  She committed herself to recording a Gospel album, and sharing the Gospel all over the places.  She has shared the Gospel in Italy, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and of course Taiwan.

In FBC she sang a few Mandarin Gospel songs.  Her son performed a song too.

At the end of her sharing she made an altar call and 6 people came to the Lord.  Hallelujah!  Praise and thank God!

Watch a video of her pop song and also her testimony on GOOD TV below:


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Israel Palestinian Conflict

There is a ceasefire in the Israel Palestinian conflict after about a month of fighting.  Even today many people do not know the details of this conflict, while many are blinded by their religion to look from one particular side.  Here is a short video which explain the actual situation in this conflict.

Watch this interesting video:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

FBC Church Camp 2014

We had our Church camp from 26th July to 28th July 2014 at One Hotel, Santubong.

Our speaker is Pastor Liaw Yong Lam, his wife Mrs. Liaw and their daughter Grace.  Pastor Liaw had been a missionary to Papua New Guinea (PNG) for 14 years, his job was the translation of the Bible to the local language.  His story of how his family is blessed by God because they were obedient was inspiring.  Before they went to PNG Mrs. Liaw was already suffering from kidney disease so much so that doctor said she needed a dialysis machine.  However, by grace of God she could cope with the usual medical care.  They were obedient to God and trust God in their stay in PNG.  Their two daughters were also blessed with scholarships to study in USA.  Grace has graduated and she has been a missionary to China for more than two years now.

During our camp Pastor Liaw spoke on the subject of "Mission" and he is most qualified to speak on this subject as he has practical experiences in PNG.  His teachings had been inspiring and also helped us to understand the real meaning of mission.  He said in mission, it is not necessary one needed to share the Gospel to the people we are helping.  There are missionaries who are purely teachers in the mission fields and they not necessary share the Gospel with their students.  It would be good if they can do so.

Another good point about serving is that we must be intentional in serving.  We can not be a "convenient" Christian.  He shared a story of "convenient" Christian, he said most time we will give lifts from church to our church friends if it is convenient for us, meaning if we are going the same way as our friends, otherwise we will not help.  He joked that most time, the pastor is the one who will give lifts to church members because he is located at the church, and their is no specific direction for him.

Overall, we had a good camp and our speaker has imparted valuable messages to us.  We pray that most of us can be involved in mission.  It is not necessary to be away from our country, the mission fields are also numerous in our own country.

You can red an article about some of their work in PNG here :

To see pictures in PNG go to this link :

Note : Top picture is Pastor Liaw, bottom picture Mrs. Liaw

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Nursing Home

It is inevitable that we face old age.  When we are old there are limitations to what we can do physically as well as mentally.  It will come a time when we need others to care for us.  This is what my mother is facing.  In her case, her mind is deteriorating because she has dementia.  Over the years it seems her mind has lose many abilities including recognising people.  Sad to say, now she cannot remember all her children.  Because she could not take care of herself any more and because of our family circumstance, we have decided to admit her to a local nursing home, Lions Nursing Home, Kuching which is a non profit ran by Lions Club of Kuching.  As much as we do not want to send our mother there, the circumstances left us with little choice.  She has been admiited there since 9th July 2014.

Thank and Praise God that these few days my family members have been visiting her there and observed that she has been well taken care by the care givers there.  We had heard of unpleasant stories at nursing homes, and thank God this one is alright.  At least we know that our mother is well taken care off there.  We need not worry unnecasserily.  While there I have spoken to a number of residents and most of them are happy living there.  There are a few who yearned to go home.  Who wouldn't ?

Dementia is a serious dieases which caused the patient to "lose his/her mind" over time.  They can be totally dependant on others at the late stage.  Over here in Malaysia facilities for such patients are limited.  There is no specialised nursing home for such patients.  However, it is different in Holland.  There is a dedicated village meant for patients with this diease.  Watch it below:

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Allah case in Malaysia

Recently, the Malaysian Federal Courts ruled that the Catholic Church's magazine, "The Herald" cannot use the word "Allah" to refer to God.  This controvesy has been dragging on since 2007 when the courts ruled in favour of the Catholic Church allowing the word "Allah" to be used in their magazine to cather to the Malay speaking believers mainly in East Malaysia.  The recent federal courts decision is most unsettleing to the Christan community in Malaysia, because the decision has wide implications to all Chrustians in the country and not only the Catholic church.  Nevertheless, Chrustians especially in East Malaysia say they will continue to worship as usually using the word "Allah" to refer to the Christian God.

Many see that this controvesy is a result of the ruling coalition's indecision or a lack of political will to put this controvesy at rest.  This has created very much uneasiness in this country, and unless the politicians are sincerely in resolving this issue, things could get worst.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Peter Truong Healing Services

Pastor Peter Truong and his wife Ruth had been ministering to our church since middle of this week.  Pastor Peter is from Brisbane, Australia.  He is Vietnaness Chinese.  His wife is from Vietnam.  They are married for one year.

Pastor Peter had visited our church two years ago.  During that visit he also ministered to Calvary Family Church (CFC) and a paralysed sister was prayed by him.  Over these two years, this sister is recoverying by God's grace.  She used to lay flat on bed, now she is able to sit on the wheelchair.  Amazingly during her paralysis she gave birth to a healthy baby girl !  Doctor advised her to abort, she had none of that and praise God she has a beautiful child.  Both her legs used to be paralysed, but now one of them is moving!  Hallelujah!  Praise God!  While praying for her at church this morning, Pastor Peter get the congregation to stretch our hands toward her while he prayed, he prayed and said he expect her complete healing soon.

Pastor Peter encouraged our congreagtion to pray for those who are infirmed.  Those needed healings are prayed over by our members, as he also prayed for everyone who needed healing.  The ordinary way that he conducted the healing service is amazing.  We realized that we as part of the body of Christ are empowered to heal in the name of Jesus.

Another sister of our church has been healed of deafness on her right ear.  Sometime ago she went for a brain surgery and that had destroyed her hearing, but Pastor Peter prayed for her on Thursday night and she is healed!  Hallelujah!  Praise God!

A grandfather testified that his grandson has also been healed of stomach problem.  His grandson had been to hospital three times, yet his condition persisted, he could not drink and eat and was weak.  On Wednesday, the Holy Spirit prompted his grandfather to attend Pastor Peter's healing service and when Pastor Peter sensed that he needed to pray for someone with stomach ailment, this grandfather brought his grandson to be prayed by Pastor Peter.  This morning, the grandfather testified that after the prayer that evening, the grandson took a banana where previously he refused to eat because of the pain.  The following day he had chicken rice and pizza!  He is completely healed!  Praise God for His mercy and healing!

There were many more healings and the congregation could feel the presence of God in our church this morning.   Thank God for bringing Pastor Peter and his wife Ruth to minister to us.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

America's No. 1 Confidence Coach

Last week our local FUll Gospel Businessmen (FGB) fellowship brought in America's No. 1 Confidence coach for a two-sessions workshop.  It was indeed a blessing for Kuching's folks because Keith Johnson came all the way from America and the entrance fee to attend was just RM10 each!

The seminar was a success, the room was packed with at about 200 people of Thursday evening.  Friday morning;s session was also well attended.

Keith Johnson was a funny speaker and he kept everyone on his toes with his many jokes.  Jokes aside, we learn many valuable tips about building confidence and how to have confidence in our lives.  Confident seems to be everything in a successful person's live.  Lack of confidence is usually a person's reason for failure.  Success is not necessary measures by monetary returns, but a productive live in areas of your passions.  Like a Pastor can be successful but not necessary rich in a worldly manner.

One great point about this seminar was that it was based on Christian principles and Dr. Keith Johnson has a graduate degree in Theology.  He sharing was backed by Biblical principles.  Unless we have God, we cannot be successful.  In one of his "triangle of confidence", it contains God as one factor.

All in a useful and beneficial seminar on confidence building.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We Can't Care About Everyone All The Time

Recently read an article of the same title.  Sometimes we may feel overwhelmed by the many bad things that are happening around the world or in our neignbourhood.  Certainly we care about what misfortune others are experiecing and our hearts go out to them.  However, can we care for all these not within our control and many times far away from us?  The author rightly said she cannot care for all these happenings.  Recently the MH370 tragedy is one such issue, certainly in Malaysia many of us are stunned by this mystery and sufferings, and yes our hearts go out to the victims and their families.  Yet, in God's scheme of things He most likely did not expect us to be imobilized by such incidences around the world, if He had, He would have equiped us.  I share the same feelinsg like the author, I care for all the bad that happened but I can't do anything, what I can do to impact others lives I will do.  Like many of our church members are involved in helping communities around us and in neighbouring countries like Indonesia.  Our Life Group is supporting a number of less privilege students at a home in Kalimantan, just about a couple of hours drive from Kuching.  We believe this is more impactful, because the money we give every month goes to buy foods, supplies for the students.  Of course this is one example, there are many to cover here.

I believe God instructured us to impact our immediate communities where we can really help, and not those places beyong our reach.

Praise God and thank Him that our Life Group cna be of service to people who needed help.  That is a command of God to help the needy.  We need not be overwhelmed by bad things far away from us.  Important is that we are of service to others who are in need.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pre-Gawai Celebration at FBC

Our Church celebrated pre-Gawai 2014 last evening at our Church.  It was organized by our Iban Church to usher in this year Gawai.  Gawai is actually the harvest festival of the natives of Sarawak, and it is usually treated as the main festival by our natives like the Iban, Bidayuh, etc.

Our Iban folks have been gracious and they organized this celebration to celebrate with our English and Chinese congregations.  Beside our members from our main Church, Iban Church has also invited about a 100 members from Sebuyau and Engsengi about two and half hours drive from Kuching.  Beside the various performances, our Iban folks treated us to a sumptous meal, all foods cooked by themselves.  They even cooked the "Lakcheong", Cantonese for sausages Chinese style.  They are good cooks!

All in about 300 people came to celebrate.  Thank God for a eventful and meaningful evening!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Four Blood Moons

Between this year and the next there will be four blood moons occurring.  Do you believe these occurrance are significant to us?  The interesting thing is that these four occurances coincide with four Jewish festivals of Passover and the Feast of Tabernacle.  Many believe these four occurences are important message from God.

For me whatever these occurances are, it is important to trust our Lord Jesus untill He returns again.  If we are prepared than there is nothing to worry.

Read more at above link

Friday, April 18, 2014

Resurrection of Jesus : Easter Video

Jesus was crucified and He rose again on the third day so that we may have eternal life.

Resurrection of Jesus - Easter video from sharefaith on GodTube.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

What is so good about Good Friday ?

Ever wonder why a sorrowful Friday is called "Good Friday?".  In Germany the day is refers to "Sorrowful Friday", but in the English speaking world it is "Good Friday".  Some said it was derived from "God's Friday".

In any event, Good Friday was a momentous day for the world.  The day Jesus died on the Cross to atone for our sins.  He came so that we may live.  On the third day He was resurrected.

Read more on the above link.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Good Friday

Good Friday saves us.  The day two thousand years ago Jesus Christ died on the Cross to atone for our sins.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jesus Crucified in Y Shaped Position
Scientists in Liverpool said that Jesus was crucified in a Y shaped Cross instead of the troditional believe that it was a T shaped Cross.  They also said this way of crucifiction was much more painful.

To read more at the link above.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Letter to the families and those on baord MH370

Here is a letter written by Dr. Julian Judson whose father Datuk Dr. Judson Sakai Tagal died in a helicopter crashed in 2004.  Copied from The Borneo Post on line.

Quote here :

DR Julian Judson, the only son of Datuk Dr Judson Sakai Tagal who died in a helicopter crash in the thick jungle of Ba Kelalan in Lawas on July 12, 2004 reaches out and offer words of comfort and encouragement to the families of those aboard MH370, particularly Maira Elizabeth and the family of chief steward Andrew Nari from Sarawak.

AS I write this letter, dated March 27, 2014, planes and ships are scouring an area 154 square miles in size in the Indian Ocean, 1,500 miles from Perth, at coordinates 90° 25’ 19.20” E, 44° 41’ 24” S.
Their objective: locate a debris field of roughly 120 floating objects, the largest being 75 feet in size.
What the debris could be: wreckage from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, the red eye flight bound for Beijing on March 8 that never arrived.
I have been following the news of the search ever since the story broke. Nothing else has dominated my conversations with colleagues and friends as much over the past three weeks. I have been hoping every day that each new lead would be ‘The Right One’, and have felt crushing disappointment when day by day — as hours turned into days, and days turned into weeks — the realisation that the chances of recovering any survivors were growing slimmer and visibly taking a toll on all involved.
And then, the news that everyone was dreading was delivered on March 24 by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Based on satellite data, the investigators concluded that MH370 had ended in the Indian Ocean. I know first-hand, the devastation that must have swept through the families of those on board as well as the collective grief of nations that had lost citizens and had spared no expense in manning one of the largest search and rescue operations in aviation history.
I know first-hand, the grief caused, because my own father, Dr Judson Tagal, whom I loved and adored, was in a helicopter crash that took his life, and the life of six other good men — Lawrence Th’ng, Roger Wong, Datuk Marcus Raja, Jason Eng, Ling Tian Ho and Samsuddin Hashim — who had been flying reconnaissance above the valleys of Ba Kelalan, plotting sites for electrical lines.
Their crashed helicopter was only found 18 days later, by brave VAT 69 commandos who had rappelled from a police helicopter over the suspected crash site. As our families and Sarawak united in grief, the following days were a misty haze of activity, funerals, and condolences. What stood out vividly in my memory, were the kindness and understanding of relatives, friends, and complete strangers.
Friends who cried with me and who just sat and listened to my hurt and pain. Complete strangers who reminisced about my father and grieved alongside us. Those who held us in their thoughts and prayers, and who let us know, both in word and in deed. I was comforted in the fact that my family and I were not alone, with a God above, who knew everything — and people around us, who felt the same, as we did.
And in the same way, I would reach out to the stricken families of the souls on MH370, and especially to the families of chief steward Andrew Nari, particularly Maira Elizabeth and say — you are not alone in your grief.
We grieve together with you in this time of pain and sorrow, and we are so sorry that despite the heroic efforts of the search and rescue teams, it has all come to naught. We remember you and the loved ones you have lost in our prayers, and we ask God for his comfort and peace that transcends all understanding and tragedy to uphold you in this time.
The days ahead will be painful, and often, will be filled with heartache that may seem beyond what you may be able to bear. And should you reach a point where the pain and sense of loss overwhelms all else, fall then, on God and the comfort that only He can bring. Be comforted by the presence of those around you who love you, and are loved by you. Be comforted by the happy memories that you have had with your loved ones, and continue to honour them by striving to live a life of kindness and love towards others, as they would have wanted you to.
Remember them, in the way a dear friend of my dad remembers him.
“My dear Judson, now that you have been taken from us, we miss you and there is a deep pain in our hearts. We miss you in Bario, we miss you in Pa Lungan, we miss you in Ba Kelalan, and we miss you in all the other places among the hills and mountains of the highlands.
“We miss your smile, we miss your jokes, and we miss your presence and laughter.
“Remember the time we went fishing and boating in the ulu among the rapids and waterfalls.
“Remember the time on the golf course when you got a par or birdie.
We still remember your laughter and your joy.”
Remember them well.

Dr Julian Judson

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

R.I.P Passengers and crews of MH 370

It is indeed a sad day for Malaysia and the world.  Last evening the Prime Minister of Malaysia announced that experts from Britain had calculated that MH 370 ended its journey in the Indian Ocean near to Perth, Australia.  It was a heart breaking news because it meant no hope of rescue.  At this time only our hearts can go out to those who perished and also with their relatives.  We do not understand, only God can undesrtand.

In fact, the Chief steward Nari is from my home state of Sarawak.  He is from Sibu about half hour flight from Kuching here. ( picture of he and his daughter ).

Let us continue to pray for those who are gone and also for their relatives.  May God give the living peace, let them turn to Him because only He can undesrtand and heal their wounds.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Former Pilot Analysis of MH370

Former pilot Chris Goodfellow gave a reasonable explanation of the turn back of MH 370, and possibility of the plane heading towards Pulau Langkawi along the Malaysian coast to make an emergengy landing.  Unforturnately this did not happen.

It has been three weeks now, with no sign of MH 370.

Let us continue to pray for all on board and their next of kins.  Our hearts go out to these people.  May they find strength in God.

Read more at the link.

Friday, March 21, 2014

MH 370 Glimpse of Rapture ?

 In the midst of confusion, and the myterious dissapearing of flight MH 370, an author postulated that this event could be a glimpse of rapture, the day after Jesus' second coming.  This would be a foretaste if this author is right.

She quoted 1 Thess. 4:16-17 :

"For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever".

Note: read more at the link above.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Continue to Pray for MH370

So many days, yet MH 370 is no where to be found.  Who else can we trust ?  Let us continue to pray for all passengers and their relatives in this difficult time.

Oh God have mercy!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nigerian Pastor Prohecized Crash of MH370 ?

A Negerian Pastor T.B Joshua claimed that he propencized the crash of flight MH 370 in July 2013.  To my mind it may be a prophecy but it appeared that no one took notice of it.

The plane is still missing despite the massive search and rescue efforts by so many countries now.

Recent news seem to say that the plane is hijacked because the transponder had been switched off manually.  If the hijack brought the plane to a undisclosed location now, it may be a welcome news.  This means the passengers on board may still be alive.

Let us continue to pray for all passengers, and crews on board, their relatives and the rescue teams now on the ground.  Oh God have mercy on all of them!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Combined Prayer Quarter 1 2014

Last night, Kuching Minister Fellwoship (KMF ) organised a prayer gathering at Calvary Family Church, Kuching.  This was the first such prayer gathering organized by KMF this year.

The response was very encouraging as more than 200 people packed the worship sanctuary of the church.  Many young people were in attendence too.  The music worship as well as sunsequent prayers for various issues were very fervent with plenty of prayers in tongues.

There were three main prayers points:

1.  Pray for repentance and revival - the sense is people are not repenting as they should as God desired us to repent always.  If we said we have not sinned we are liars, and the truths are not in us. Only with genuine repentance, revival will come to this land.  We pray revival will spread from East Malaysia to the rest of our country.

2. Pray for the Church - the Malaysian Church is under attack and we need to pray for all church leaders to persevere and pray more.  All churches regardless of denominations should come together to pray and uphold our position in this country.  God has purpose for us here. Despite the troubles He wanted us to be salt and light for Him. We must wake up from spiritual slumber!

3. Pray for national interests like the Allah cases, and missing flight MH370 - all the Allah cases that went to courts recently have been upheld by the courts, no decision has been made.  We do not understand this situation, but we know God is soverign and He has His plans no matter the out come.  We continue to pray for favourable out comes.  He is our only hope.

The theme of this prayer gathering is in 2 Chronicles 7:14

"if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Monday, March 10, 2014

Lost Flight MH 370

All over the world peoples' hearts go out to the families of the passengers on flight MH 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.  The flight never made it to Beijing.  The mystery is that there is no trace of this plane after more than 40 hours now.  Indeed, it is a mystery to all of us and more so to the families of the passengers.

All of us are praying for a miracle.  Let us continue to pray for all involved, passengers, their families, and all rescue teams now in the vicinity.  May God be with all of them.

Monday, March 3, 2014

AM I Sarawak's Keeper ?

Last Sunday, a speaker shared at our church.  The title of his sharing was "Am I Sarawak's Keeper ?". This is an important question for all Sarawakians because our rights have been threathened over the years.  In particular now, our religious rights as Christians.  He illustrated his point with Genesis 4:9 when God asked Cain where was Abel.  Cairn answered whether he was his brother's keeper.  His answer implied a) I don't know b) I don't care.  Well, as Sarawakians do we care or not ?

If we want to keep our rights as Sarawakians we must care because this has been promised to us before we join the Federation to form Malaysia in 1963.  Sarawak and Sabah were equal partners in forming Malaysia.  Sarawak has not given up its religious rights unlike Sabah. Meaning, Sarawak does not have a state religion.  People are free to worship.

The speaker also said we are here not by accident.  He supported his argument by refering to Colossians 3:11, Deutoronomy 32:7-9.

Indeed Sarawak has been blessed because we were ruled by the Brooke and British govrnment who were essentially Christians.  Principles they applied were Christian based.  All in we were rule 122 years by them.  From them we had our Christianity, Christian heritage, system of government, and generally freedom in Sarawak.

Before Sarawak join the Federation to form Malaysia, the British was very concerned and in many of their documents they emphazied the need for religious freedom for the people of Sarawak. Sadly we are seeing this freedom slowly being eroded.  According to the speaker it is by God's grace that dispite the persecution the numbers of Christians increased from 7.9% in 1947 to 42.6% in 2000.  Therefore, we must continue our efforts to ensure Christians have our rights to practise our religion in Sarawak.

If you are a Sarawakian you should ask yourself "Am I Sarawak's keeper?"

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Walking With God Through Pain and Suffering

 The above is a title of a new book by Timothy Keller.  In this video he discussed about pain and suffering.

Go to this link:

Friday, February 21, 2014

What Not To Say To Someone Who Is Suffering

Most times people do not know what to say when they meet some one who is suffering.  We have most likely met people who said the wrong things.  In this video three pastors discussed how to respond.

What Not to Say to Someone Who's Suffering from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Returning Home to Ex-Cannibals
Here is a very inspiring story of a couple Don and Carol Richardson going to thr Sawi people of Indonesia in 1962 to share with them the Gospel.  After about 50 years these former canniblas embraced Christianity.  The different tribes used to fight each other but now they live in peace with each other.

Read more on the above link.

Never the Same from Pioneers-USA on Vimeo.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Church Members Eating Grass

What is your response if your pastor ordered you to eat grass?  This is what happened to a South African Church where the members were instructed to eat grass for various ailments and these members claimed the grass healed them.  Personally I find this fishy.  Anywhere you can read more at the link.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Little Lamb

A beautiful new Christian song by Malaysian Christian songs writer Ng Wah Lok.

Enjoy it!  God bless.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

City Harvest Church Saga

The City Harvest Church saga continues in court.  The Senior Pastor and a few others were accused of mismanaging church's funds to promote the music career of the Senior Pastor's wife Sun Ho.

Watch the video below:

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Allah in the Malay Bible

As the "Allah" controvesy in Malaysia rages on the Catholic priest presented more evidence of the word "Allah" being used more than 100 years ago in Malaya.  This word was already in the prayer book printed in 1905.  Read more at the link above.

Scholars all over the world also know the facts of this matter except for a certain quarters of Muslim in Malaysia.

Watch this video :

Friday, January 3, 2014

Bible Society of Malaysia Raid

It was a dark day for Malaysian Christians on 2nd Jan, 2014 the start of a new year when the Selangor Islamic Religious socirty (JAIS) raid the Bible Society of Malaysia(BSM) and took away more than 300 copies of Malay language and Iban language Bible which contained the word "Allah" refering to God.  The Muslims in Malaysia insisted that the word "Allah" is exclusive to Muslims in Malaysia.  Other Muslims communities around the world have never claimed exclusivity of the word.

The "Allah" issue has been draging on in court for a numbers of years and it has not been settled yet.  Basically it was the government who started this issue when they banned the Catholic Herald from using "Allah" in their Malay news publication.  Yet, the government is silent on this issue and in the process has created degradation of relation between these two communities in Malaysia.  It appeared that the government is dragging its feet in an attempt to gain political mileage.

Despite the persecutions of Christians in this country, we continue to persevere.  We have been taught in the Bible that when we follow Jesus we are bound to be persecuted.  Let us respond like how Jesus taught us.  But we pray that in whatever the others want to do to us Christians all these will turn to good.

Glory to God!

watch the video here :