Sunday, November 8, 2015

Philip Yancey - Vanishing Grace

Over the weekend the city of Kuching is much blessed with the hosting of the famous Christian author Philip Yancey.  This is not the first time he has come to Malaysia, but this is his first time in Kuching.  His sharing was hosted by Trinity Methodist Church, Kuching.

In his first session he shared about his new book, "Vanishing Grace" a follow up to his earlier book "What is so amazing about grace?".  God's grace is not a problem here, but more and more we do not see grace being dispensed even by Christians.  He said in America many people are turning away from God and many hated Christians.  How are we to show grace in such atmosphere?  In his word, how do we dispense grace?  As Christians we are taught to dispense grace to others yet many fall short, including yours truly. 

He told a story of a young woman who shared how she ministered to telephone sales people.  Many of these sales people called many potentials each day and mostly irritated people slammed down their phones. Therefore, this woman decided to be patient to them and gave words of encouragements. Many broke down from her encouragement.

We ourselves will have similar experiences, like when we waited at the supermarket check out and the cashier needed her superior to clear an error on the cash machine.  How do we re-act? Or when we go to fast food out lets and there were delays in serving us?  You get the picture.

There are much to learn from his new book "Vanishing Grace".