Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve Celebration

On 24th Dec 2012 our Church FBC celebrated the first Christmas at our new building.  Of the many Christmas celebrations, this was the grandest of them all.  Our Iban congregation has been reaching out to the Ibans in Sebuyau and about 100 of these folks came all the way from Sebuyau to celebrate with us.  Including other invited guests and members there must be close to 1000 people attending the Christmas celebration.  Our Ibans folks also helped in the preparation of the foods.  There were plenty of foods on that evening, and the foods were enough for so many people.  Beside foods, the English, Mandarin and Iban congregations performed dances, and songs to entertain our guests.  One of the high light of the evening was the "uncles" of our church performing the Gangnam Style dance.  It was hugely popular and entertaining. 

Praise God for a successful event!

Gangnam Style by FBC "Uncles"

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas is Here

Christmas is here!  The meaning of Christmas for the world is different from that of Christians.  To the world Christmas is about celebration of a year end holiday and also the exchange of gifts.  To a certain extent Christians all over the world have also been drawn into this thinking.  Celebration is not wrong by itself but as Christians we have to really think of the importance of Christmas.  It is really about worldly celebration and gifts?  When we step away and think for a while, we realized the importance and gravity of Christmas - The Birth of Jesus Christ Our Savior.  Yes, He is the Savior of this world whether you like it or not.  God's timing is perfect too.  Galatians 4:4 "When the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His son".  Not early nor late, just the right time!  He demonstrated His own love for us that even though we are sinners He died for us Roman 5:8  "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."  It is such a wonderful and unmerited love that God has demonstrated to His children.  We do not deserve His salvation, yet Jesus came to redeem us from our sins and gave eternal life to believers.

Let be conscious of the importance of Christmas, and not celebrate it like the world does, but celebrate with a sense of awe and love for Jesus for He first love us.

A Blessed Christmas to everyone!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Overwhelming Response Christmas Parade
On 15th Dec 2012 multitudes of Christians in Kuching attended the annual Christmas parade organized by the Methodist church here.  The turnout was overwhelming, at least 10,000 people joined this parade!  Praise and thank God for this overwhelming response!  Christians are touched by the Holy Spirit and we all come together to show unity among ourselves.  Indeed it was heart warming to witness, Methodist, Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Baptists, and others joined together to parade and show our unity in Christ Jesus.

I was also there and from my observation the participants were about three times the numbers last year.  The locals watching this parade appeared to be more than the previous year.  We also had some foreigners witnessing the parade.  Couple Lars and Pia Nielsen from Denmark said, “We didn’t expect to see something of this magnitude during our visit to Kuching,”

Thank God for the good weather too.  There was no rain through out the parade although it is rainy season now.

Go to the above link to read more from The Star newspaper.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Worship Organized by KMF 12.12.12

On 12.12.12 evening KMF ( Kuching Minister Fellowship) organized a combined worship at Calvary Church Kuching.  Praise and thank God for a very worshipful evening.  The church's hall was packed and all participants had to stand as all the chairs were removed.  It was very encouraging to witness so many young people attended this worship service.  Many events had happened in our country and many Christians have been praying all over the nation.  KMF has been actively organizing prayer services over the past few years in Kuching as well as the outskirts like Lundu.  There was no planned programs for the evening and the leaders led the prayers and worship as led by the Holy Spirit.  It was a tremendous time of worship and indeed I sensed the Spirit moving among us as the participants prayed and sing worship songs.  The songs sang were in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.  Beside praying for our nations, the lead pastors requested participants to pray for the churches in Kuching to be united in love, for forgiveness of the Chinese people many of whom are idols worshipers, and the natives of Sarawak many also worship idols.

There were three worship teams, one from Calvary, one from Blessed Church and another from First Baptist Church.

Pastors in attendance were, Pastor Matthew Ling, Pastor Darren Tan, Pastor David Ang, Pastor Rodney, Pastor Greamon, Pastor Jerry Teo, Pastor Jeff Wei, Pastor G.T Lim, and Pastor Malcolm Yong.

Praise God for a worshipful evening!  The service started around 7.40 pm and ended passed mid night!  Hallelujah!  Just did not feel the time as we engaged in praying and singing!

Praise God!  All Glory to Him!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Counter Productive Busyness
In this modern world you may ask "who is not busy?"  Well, it seems everyone I met commented that he/she is busy with something, either it was work or some other things.  Sometimes when we get down to the bottom line we can be too busy for our own good.  Many people are suffering from depression and I believe one of the reasons is that people are so busy that they are stressed out - gone beyond their limits.  Others got too many things on their plate, thus they cannot deliver, hence the stress.

Being a Christian we have to be careful not to make busyness as our idol.  For example if work is keeping us from relating to God, you know you have an idol in your work.  A friend shared with me recently, she said "Do you really know the meaning of being "BUSY?"  She advised, "BUSY" means:

B - bury
U - under
S - Satan's
Y - York

If we examine our Christian life, this can happen if we are not careful.  Instead of staying focus on Jesus we got carried away by our idols.

Romans 8:6 said "to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace."

"Jesus is all the world to me, 
My life, my joy, my all,
He is my strength from day to day,
Without Him I would fall".


Professor Ben Shin of Biola University shared how he was under the "york" and after he realized the extend of the problem he was facing, he made adjustments and now he can say he is a "formerly busy person."  You can read his full account at the link above.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bethseda Mission Hospital

Bethseda Mission Hospital (BMH) is located in Serukam, West Kalimantan, Indonesia.  It is about 200 KM drive from Kuching (Borneo, Malaysia) across the border to Kalimantan, Indonesia.  This mission hospital was founded by Dr.Wendell Geary and his wife Marjorie Geary from Minnesota, USA some 56 years ago.  They felt called by the Lord then to reach out to serve the people of Indonesia, Borneo.  They had no idea where this place was, but they followed the call of our Lord to serve in Serukam, Indonesia.

When they arrived at Serukam some 56 years ago what they had were some village buildings left behind by Dutch missionaries.  From there through very trying circumstances, Dr.W Geary and his wife started a mission hospital to serve the people of Serukam and the surroundings.  Since then by God's grace tremendous progress have been made at the hospital.  Now there is a proper hospital set up as well as training centre for doctors and nurses.  Now Dr.Geary's son Dr.Paul Geary is continuing the work of his father and now serving as a doctor at the hospital.

Beside providing health care to the communities in Serukam, Dr. W Geary and Mrs. Marjorie Geary are missionaries imparting the Gospel to the communities.  There is also a Church at the hospital.  Dr. Geary shared that beside the imparting of the Words, they are sharing Christ in their work as health care providers.

The life and work of the Geary are really inspirational.  They serve their communities unselfishly just like what Jesus did more than 2000 years ago.  They abandoned comfortable living in the US to a forsaken place like Serukam because God called them to this place which was unknown to them.  From the very beginning they walked closely with Jesus and heeded His command to love your neighbors.  They never looked back.  Their work is on going, now his son Dr. Paul Geary is carrying on their work and serving full time at Serukam.

Dr. W Geary and Mrs. Marjorie Geary are no strangers to our Church.  They have been associated with our Church for many years already.  They are usually hosted by our members, Dr. H.T Wong and his wife Chuei Lian when they visit Kuching.  Last Sunday Dr. W Geary and Mrs.Marjorie Geary were at our Church to share with our congregation of their work in Serukam.  An appeal for a donation to BMH was made in church.  Praise and thank to God that the total collection raise for the hospital on Sunday was about RM6,400.  As a Church we are most honored to be able to contribute a little to this meaningful work in Serukam.

We pray for the Gearys for God's love and provisions to be with them and that many will be touched to turn to our Lord Jesus.  May God's grace be upon the people of Indonesia, our neighbor.

Note: Go to the above links of a blog by Dr.Tang Sie Hing of his mission to BMH in 2009.  More pictures of BMH in the second link.

Above is a picture of our Chairman Bro. Nee Wen handling over the donations to the Gearys.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

NYPD Officer's Love for Homeless Man!prettyPhoto/0/

It is indeed touching to read about how a fellow human who love another enough to buy him a pair of waterproof boots even though he did not know the homeless man.  In this material world, people do not normally do such a thing, each for his/her own.  Thank God that there are still such people in this world who would sacrifice a little to make others comfortable.  I do not know whether this NYPD Officer, Larry Deprimo is a Christian, but he is an example of a disciple that Jesus would be proud of.  Jesus commanded us to love one another as He has loved us.

John 13:34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another."

 When we love love one another like He did than people know that we are His disciples.

John 13:35 "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

NYPD Officer showed his love for his neighbor by buying a waterproof boots for a homeless man although this was not required of him.  Him later told the media that he just did what he did without much thought.  He just did it because he has compassion for the homeless man.  Thank God for him.  If he is not a Christian yet, I pray he will come to know our Lord in due time. If he is already a believer may his love for others be strengthened and may God use him mightily.

  Read further and watch a video at the link above.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Zig Ziglar Called to the Lord

Zig Zaglar a well known motivational and marketing speaker has been called to the Lord recently at age 86.  Those who are in the corporate world will know him.  He has written many motivational books and he is also well known here in Malaysia.  He was also a devoted Christian and I understand that many of his techniques are Scripture base.  He was know for his :Success" seminars.

You can read more at the link above.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Alpha Vision Day
The forth Alpha Vision Day (AVD) was held on 24th Nov 2012 in Kuala Lumpur.  About 50 Alpha Advisers from various parts of Malaysia attended this half day session.

The purpose of ADV was to brief the Advisers and participants of what had take place in Alpha as well as the vision for the following year.  National Director Bro. Foo Lai Wai opened the session with a welcome message.  The Chairperson of Alpha Malaysia Datin Katheleen was also presence.  The leaders of each Alpha course gave their presentations.  They were as follows :

1.  Relationship Central
2.  Senior Alpha
3.  Prison Alpha
4. Campus Alpha
5. Workplace Alpha
6.  Catholic Alpha
7. Worship Central

As usual Bro.Jack of Senior Alpha helped lightened the atmosphere with his well received jokes.

Worship Central has yet to be launched in Malaysia.  It will be launched in 2013.  This course is designed to help the worship team use worship music to connect with God.  Music worship is not entertainment, but it is a part of worshiping God.  We also know that it is one of the important medium in helping congregations to get into worshiping and praising God in most church services.

This year Workplace Conferences were a huge success.  Next year Workplace Conference ( English) will be held in Penang in September 2013.  Alpha is planning Alpha Conference in Mandarin too.

All participants were given a tour of the new office by Bro. Foo.  We also prayed for Alpha Malaysia.  All glory to God for what He is doing in Malaysia through Alpha.  May the harvest be plentiful in the coming years.

Check out the website of Worship Central above.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Medical Mission

On Sunday 18th Nov, 2012 our Church organized a medical mission to Latter Rain Church (LRC) at Sematan.  This is a village church about one and half hours drive from Kuching.

It was the second medical mission for our Church this year.  The main objective was to serve and connect with communities surrounding the city of Kuching.  Medical mission is a good way to serve our communities.  Our Church have a numbers of medical doctors in various fields.  Different medical "clinics" were set up in the Church which was temporally converted into a clinic.  We had Dr.Tiong, the eye specialist, Dr.H.T Wong, Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist, Dr.Chen, gynaecologist, Dr.Lee, Radiologist (untra sound), Dr. C C Wong, Bone specialist, and a new doctor, Dr.Carice Wong who is the daughter of Dr.H.T Wong and Sis Chuei Lian.

Two of our Church Life Groups as well as our Bahasa Church were there to help the doctors as well as to pray for the patients.

Several SEGI university's nursing students were also there to help out.  At the same time they had some practical experiences.

From observation, the numbers of patients attended to by our doctors probably around 100 people or so.  The doctors and trainee nurses were kept busy from around 10.15 am to 3 pm with about half hour lunch break.  The LRC church members cooked various local dishes for us.

Dr. C, C Wong presented about 40 children Bibles to the LRC. 

Their church is in the process of building a training school and some of our members donated to help with this project.

Praise God for the good weather as well as a successful medical mission. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pop Star Roman Catholic Priest many parts of the world wound not have imaged that the Catholic Church has pop stars priests.  It is interesting to read that in Brazil the Catholic Church has a popular priest who is a singing session there.  He is Father Marcelo Rossi of Brazil.  He has been nominated for a Latin Grammy Award.

Father Rossi is setting up a Church that can hold up to 80,000 worshipers.  That got to be one of the biggest church ever anywhere.  Out of a population of 192 million, 65% are Catholic, down from 74%.  Perhaps Father Rossi is the answer to the declining numbers of Catholic in Brazil.

To read more go to the link above.

Watch this video:

Monday, November 12, 2012

Cell Church Mission Network (CCMN)

CCMN conference has just being completed in Kuala Lumpur last week.  Our Church sent 12 members to attend this conference.  It was one of the few times that our Church sent anyone to attend such conference.  In terms of CCMN it was the very first.

According to the participants it was an eye opener for them as it was the first time for most of them to meet and share with so many pastors and lay leaders from about 40 countries.  Altogether 450 people attended, Hong Kong made up the most numbers followed by Malaysia being the hosting nation.

Our people came back and some of them gave their testimonies in Church on Sunday 11th Nov 2012.  A Mandarin Church Brother who has just been with our church for 3 years shared that he has been inspired to be a missionary to a Middle East country.  He said God has blessed him so much, and he wanted to bless others too.  A Mandarin Church Sister shared that on her annual leave she usually go overseas for holiday, now she has decided to use her annual leave to go for short term mission.

According to Pastor Ben Wong, the initiator of Cell Church Mission Network is to carry out the Great Commission.  This task should not be left to missionary organizations but the churches must do something.  Each church can be more effective if they network with other churches around the world.  This is what CCMN is doing in their conferences.  There are no "big shot" pastors at the conference, just ordinary pastors and lay leaders from all over the world sharing their mission experiences.

Pastor Ben's church Shepherd Community Grace Church in Hong Kong is a good example.  His Church sends out numerous missionaries to countries like China, Thailand, North Africa, Japan, Taiwan, and soon Middle Eastern countries.  His Church also started small 25 years ago, yet they have impacted so many countries for Christ.  The tag line for CCMN according to Pastor Ben is "NO Glory, No Control".  There is no "big shot" pastors and no one control anyone. Just the net work of pastors all over the world net working and working together to advance the kingdom of God.

Praise God for this work that is on going and praise God for the hearts of pastors and lay leaders in the network carrying out the Great Commission.

Note: Above picture of Pastor Ben Wong.

          Read more about CCMN in the link, watch the video too.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Many Splendoured Thing-Dr.Han Suyin
Just recently Dr.Han Suyi passed away at age 95 years.  She was the author of the famous book, "A Many Splendoured Thing", which was world re-known in the 1950s.  I have heard about her from my friends when I was younger, but did not have the chance to read her book.  The interesting fact is that she has been a doctor practicing in Malaya ( that was the name of our country then) in the state of Johore in the 1950s.  People knew her as a good and dedicated doctor, and popular with the guys too because of her Western looks.  You can read more in the link above.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Conflict and Stress Management
On 1st Nov to 3 rd Nov 2012, our church hosted the Conflict & Stress Management course.  This was conducted over two evenings on 1st Nov and 2nd Nov, morning and evening of 3rd Nov 2012.  This course came about because of the contact of  Bro. Dr. Wong and Sis.Chuei Lian who knew Dr.Everyln Biles from another course.  It was timely for church members as well as corporate personnel to attain this course.  We go go through conflicts and stress whether in church or in the world.

Dr.Evelyn Bile is from the US, and is highly trained and an expert in conflict and stress management.
She was born and brought up in Lebanon therefore she understands the circumstances in our country.  She shared that around 2002 a friend of hers a Pastor who had been posted to Malaysia encouraged her to come to Malaysia.  At first she was reluctant because she thought Malaysia was not a Muslim country, and her experiences were in a Muslim country that is Lebanon.  Finally she came and found it very satisfying in sharing her expertise with the church as well as corporate world in Malaysia.

In Malaysia she founded Global Mosaic, an organization aimed at equipping people in conflict and stress management.

The course was ran successfully and many participants found the concepts practical.  These can be applied to church as well as Corporate world.  In fact, 14 participants were from a local listed company.  All together there were 101 participants.  Glory to God for this successful course.

To read more go to above link.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dr.Richard Teo Called to The Lord at 40 Yrs.

If you are from Asia, you would have read about the story of Dr.Richard Teo a cosmetic multi millionaire surgeon who contracted lung cancer about a year ago and just passed away on 18th Oct 2012.

His story is inspirational and really wake many of us up especially how we place our priorities in life.  Our lives is not just about pursuing wealth, but more importantly following and living out the commands of God.  Jesus said if you gain the whole world what is that to you?  In Dr.Teo's case and many others you may have plenty of wealth, but no health,worse still dead at 40 years!  Some one said we live ironic lives, we pursue wealth when young, but when we get old we use all our wealth to retain our health.  The point is we need a balance of wealth and health.  I believe it is far more important to trust in God in all we do.  He said He will provide if you trust in Him.

The following verses are instructive:

1 Timothy 6:17-19 “Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. 18 Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. 19 In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.”

1 Timothy 6:6 “But godliness with contentment is great gain.”

Read :

Monday, October 29, 2012

Parenting Course Train the Facilitators

On 26th Oct 2012, our Church organized a Parenting Train the Facilitators course.  The main organizers were Bro.Howe Tung and Sis.Chuei Lian assisted by a team of facilitators from our Church.  The lead trainers were Bro. CT Lau and his wife Sis.Dr.Gene from Alpha Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.  The main objective was to train more facilitators from other churches so that they can conduct The Parenting Course (TPC) in their church.  This course is not only meant for Christians but non Christians as well because all of us face issues with our children.  TPC course proper has two parts, one for parents of children 0-10 years and another from 10-18 years old.

This train the facilitators session was very well attended by various participants from the various denominations like Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Pentecostal, and also independant churches.  All together there were 18 churches attending.  The biggest number of participants came from Catholic church.  It was indeed the work of God that so many denominations came together as One body in Christ to be trained as facilitators of The Parenting Course.  This course is base on Christians principles and when non Christians attend we are able to impart Christians principles to them and we pray for them to join God's kingdom in due course.

A total of 84 participants attended comprised of members from 18 churches in Kuching.

All glory to God for the success of this course.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tommy Emmanuel Live in KL

Tommy Emmanuel, the great guitarist performed live at DBKL, KL on 19th Oct 2012.  I missed his performance in Kuala Lumpur some 14 years ago, so this time around I had the opportunity to watch him live in K.L.  Listening his CDs and watching him live is totally different.  His performance was phenomenal and very entertaining.  In his own words, he said his music does not need computer enhancement, nor half naked women running around to attract attention!  Indeed it was true that he just used his acoustic guitar, amplification and nothing else.  His music was pure and very enjoyable.  Any one who likes guitar music will like his songs.

Before, posting this I was wondering whether Tommy is a Christian.  A little internet search I found that he has been a Christian since he was young and he has been walking closely with God since.  He has also composed a piece of Godly music like "Tears for Jerusalem".  This wa what he said about his Christian life,
" Well, I can remember going to Sunday school when I was a kid, but it wasn't until I actually made a commitment, got baptized and accepted Christ that it - then I had a revelation that I'm not running this ship. It's my job to get out and play the guitar and let God do the rest. Stay out of his way. Just play the guitar and do what you're meant to do. That's my job." 
Praise God for this talented guitarist!  May he uses his music to bless many people all around the world.

 During the show he played an original song inspired by the Red Indian flute he heard while conducting a concert in their honor.  Watch this video:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

40-Day Prayer and Fast

Interestingly as Malaysia has completed its 40-day prayer and fast, the American started slightly later their own 40-day pray and fast for their country prior to the general election on 6th Nov 2012.  Many nations are in turmoils, not just USA or Malaysia.  We are all living in turbulent times, and God is "shaking heavens and earth".  In this trying times for many of us, we face numerous challenges in our nations be that be economic, social, and most importantly spiritual.  God has told us in the Bible that we are not fighting against fresh and blood, but against powers and principalities.  For Christians fighting the spiritual battle is more important because all physical things will come to an end on earth, and because we are looking at eternity and not the temporal.

In Malaysia prayers are intensifying following the NECF 40-day of prayers and fasting.  During this period we see thousands of Christians all over the country participating in prayers and fasting we have not seen before.  It is God's doing because human cannot touch the hearts of so many to turn to Him in prayers.  Many prophetic evangelists from US and Africa are coming to Malaysia to pray for us and encourage Christians here to hold fast in prayers.  These people who do not have anything to do with Malaysia are coming to pray for us, and we must really take heed of what they prophesied before it is too late.  Let our nation continue to pray for God's intervention in this beloved country.  May the coming general election be a turning for our country - and turn towards good for this nation and its people.

In the US Christians are similarly praying for their nation which is going through tremendous challenges in all fronts.  They too look to God for divine intervention for the good of their nation.

Let all brothers and sisters in Christ pray and uphold each others' nations.  To God be the Glory!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Senior Alpha Training

Senior Alpha Coordinators Jack, Vicky and I traveled to Miri on 2nd Oct to conduct Senior Alpha facilitators training for St.Columba, Anglican Church.  We were hosted by Rev Solomon Cheong of the Church.  Altogether there were 8 participants including Rev.Cheong.  We started in the evening of 3rd Oct, 2012 as many had engagements in the day.  The participants warmed up on the second day when they got to know the trainers better.  The training was made more memorably because Rev Cheong's wife Sis. Cecilia cooked several meals for us.  She is a very good cook.  Beside the participants had durian (king of the fruit) party courtesy of Bro.Hollie and his wife Sis.Irene.  The participants and trainers really had a good time eating those durians.  Sis.Cecilia even cooked durian porridge!  But I don't eat durian.  All participants said I did not what I missed!  On the second day all the participants enjoyed the ice breakers introduced to them for the purpose of letting the seniors to participate in the coming course.  Ice breakers like getting out of the rope was interesting and all of then found that hilarious.  Praise God that all participants enjoyed the course and found it useful to be introduced to the seniors in Miri.

On the evening of 4th Oct, 2012 Bro. William Yap from St.Andrews, Brunei picked us up and we traveled by road to Brunei.  The journey took about two and half hours as his driving was slow and steady.  On 5th Oct in the evening we started the course in house.  We were glad to receive the 22 participants.  Like the Miri folks they were quite the first evening but by the second day many got to know each others and ourselves and they opened up.  All of us like the jokes of Br. Jack so that was very helpful.  The training also went very well and we can see that all the participants enjoyed themselves participating in the ice breakers as well as the small group simulations.  Praise God again for helping all of us with the course.  Most importantlyall of them felt the course was very useful and timely.  Bro. William Yap have two very able ladies Sis. Emily and Sis. Lily to help organize the whole course, from bringing us around to the food and participants training materials.  Praise God!  Thank God for these two "angels".

According to Bro.Jack and Sis. Vicky the participants from these two trainings were the most responsive.  We are very encouraged also to see the participants absorbing the training and enjoying themselves.  The joy of our Lord is in them!  Hallelujah!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Installation of Pastor Malcolm

On 30th September, 2012 our home grown English congregation Pastor was finally installed as FBC, English congregation pastor.  Now our Church has pastor for each Bahasa, Mandarin and English congregation.  Indeed it was a historic moment for our Church as we have come a long way.  In fact, it has been 40 years since the founding of First Baptist Church, Kuching (FBC).  To add to this historic occasion our Church had the founder of FBC, Pastor Bob Evans to install our very own pastor.  Pastor Bob founded FBC 40 years ago in Kuching.  It was formerly known as Kuching Baptist Church, and subsequently changed to First Baptist Church.  Pastor Bob came all the way from America for this auspicious occasion.  We at FBC is indeed honored by his presence.  A number of the original founding members were at this event.  One of the very first member is none other than Sister Eva Goh.  Now she attends the Mandarin Church with her mum.

To celebrate this occasion FBC chior led by our German member Wolfgang performed several hymns.  Their performance was first class according to many attendees.  In fact Wolfgang is a trained musician who has done a good job in training our people.  Praise and thank God for him!

Our youth, led by Sister Paik Imm and Brother Chung Chek, gave an interesting and original performance to welcome Pastor Malcolm.

The children presented Pastor Malcolm with a poster of their prayers decorated and appropriately framed.  They have heed the teaching and advice of Pastor Malcolm on occasions when he spoke to them.  Praise God for our young people and children!

Pastor Bob Evans installed Pastor Malcolm with his wife Sister Irene standing alongside him.  Pastor Bob prayed for them together with the elders as well as leaders of our Church.  Pastor Malcolm said his coming on board as Pastor was not a hasty decision but he has prayed about this decision over a number of years.  It was God calling him to serve.  The leadership has also prayed and they also discerned that Pastor Malcolm is the right person to lead us as pastor. 

Overall, it was a memorable as well as touching occasion for all of us in the big family of FBC.  We continue to center ourselves on God in all we do.  We pray that we will not look left or right, but stay focus on Jesus our Savior.  All Glory to Him!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Senior Alpha Celebration

On Saturday 29th Sept 2012 we had our Senior Alpha Celebration at our Church.  We were honored to have Senior Alpha Cordinators Jack and Vicky from Alpha Kuala Lumpur to attend this celebration.  It was a very meaningful journey for our Alpha team as well as for the 7 participants who came faithfully each week for the past 15 weeks.  Over the weeks we can see all the participants opening up and getting to know each other well.  Certainly friendships have been formed and each will definitely encourage each other like brothers and sisters in Christ.  One of the highlight of the course was the coming to Christ of Bro.Nelson and Sis. Hwei Choo.  Praise God for them!  They have been transformed from within and accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.  All Glory to Him!

Sis.Alice Kong encouraged us by her testimony of how she has learned much about Jesus as well as experiencing the love of fellow brothers and sisters during this course.  We can see the joy and peace in her now.  Hallelujah!

In this last session four brothers from SIB Olive Garden and two sisters from St.Faith came to celebrate with us.  We encourage them to start Senior Alpha in their Church too.

The harvest is plentiful but workers are few.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Chat With God

Prayer is talking to God and listening to what He says.  Many find it difficult to pray.  Here is a sample of talking ( prayer) with God.  I pray that this will help you with your prayers.

A Chat With God from worshiphousemedia on GodTube.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Prophetic Intercession - Pastor Julius Suubi

Following the celebration of NECF 40-day Fast & Pray on 16th Sept 2012 at Trinity Methodist Church, Kuching, Pastor Julius Suubi came to Kuching to lead a Prophetic Intercession at our Church, FBC.  This event was jointly organized by KMF and the businessmen fellowship.  There were two sessions on 22nd Sept 2012 and 23rd Sept, 2012.

Pastor Julius Suubi hails from Uganda but now he is leading a Church, Highway of Holiness Ministry in Kenya.  His testimonies of his life were very inspiring.  He came from very humble beginning and God called him to his ministry in Kenya.  Just one touching testimony he shared on 23rd Sept, 2012 that he came from a family of 28 children!  His father had 5 wives and many concubines!  He said when he went to town his father introduced him to many of his step mothers.  Half of his 28 brothers and sisters died from HIV.  Beside he had to face deaths of family members, relatives and friends who died from AIDs.  That was the situation he was in.  At one time he was infected of HIV by blood transfusion but by grace of God he was healed.

He is a prayer warrior and he shared how he interceded for many people and many nations.  He said we must not just pray for ourselves, but we must pray for others especially in this season we are to pray fervently for our nation.  He had the burden for Malaysia and he had been coming to Malaysia for several years now to pray with us here.  This is indeed an opportune time as our nation is in the Jubilee, and our nation is facing changes that we had not seen before.  Many of us are very much aware of the political scenes here and the need for us as a nation to intercede in prayers for the good of our nation.  During these events we saw fervent prayers and intercession led by Pastor Julius Suubi as well as our KMF Pastors.

We have to keep praying for our country, and repent of the sins of our nation.  He related example of Uganda which was a prosperous country in 1960 but by 1971 after President Idi Amin took over the country it became poor.  Christians were killed and persecuted.  Many Christians left the country, and Christians became a minority there.

Let us continue to pray for our beloved country - Malaysia.

To watch a slideshow go to the link below:

Friday, September 21, 2012

Jesus Had A Wife?

Professor Karen King of Harvard Divinity school recently announced that she had found a fragment of ancient papyrus that contained a description of what Jesus said "My wife..."  However, many theologians and researchers doubted this evidence.  It is a small fragment and its authenticity has not been proven.

Read more at the link above.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hope of Jubilee Celebration at TMC

A worship celebration at Trinity Methodist Church, Kuching.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hope of Jubilee Celebration at Trinity Methodist Church

On the evening of 16th September, 2012 our nation celebrated the Hope of Jubilee being the 50th year of the birth of Malaysia as well as Jubilee year as defined in the Bible.  Following the 40 days pray and fast initiated by NECF, it was closed with a grant celebration at Trinity Methodist Church, Kuching. (TMC).  According to the spoke person of NECF, Bro. Eugene Yap at the same time 24 locations throughout Malaysia Church organizations celebrated this Jubilee together.

Indeed, the turn out was awesome not only in numbers ( about 2,000 people attended at TMC ) but most importantly in Spirit.  Various denominations of our Christian faith joint our hearts in One Accord to pray for our nation.  This is our land and we are all proud to be Malaysians.  A pastor present said only when we love our nation that we strive to build an equitable and righteous nation. 

The worship and pray celebration started with a speech by Bro.Eugene Yap fro NECF followed by worship singing in three languages, English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia ( Malay ).  There was also blowing of shofars to compliment the worship and prayers.

As was mentioned by KMF Pastor Aaron Tan, the past year has been very encouraging because many Christians have been coming together to pray for our nation.  Regardless of race or creeds we all come together as One Body of Christ to pray for our nation and to worship our Almighty God.  Man's ways will not prevail, only God's ways will.  Only God can change our nation because He is the Creator of all things in heaven and on earth.

Praise God for a good showing by the Christians communities here in Kuching and the surroundings.  Praise God and thank God for touching the hearts of Christians throughout our nation.

To God be the Glory!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Malaysia Day-Hope of Jubilee Celebration

Today is a significant day for Malaysia as a nation, this is Malaysia Day as well as the 50th year of Jubilee for the country.  Malaysia was formed some 50 years ago by the joining of Sarawak, Sabah and Malaya, thus the nation of Malaysia was formed.  Since the birth tremendous progress and changes had taken place, some good, some not so good and certainly some bad.  Malaysia is at a cross-road of sort as it struggles as a nation in particular regarding the fair treatment of all races in the country.  Malaysia is a multi-ethnics nation making up of the Malays, Chinese, Indians, various natives of the country.  The people want equality in all spheres of life for all people regardless of race or creeds.  The government has a lot to improve in this area.

Coupled with Malaysia Day is the 50th Year of Jubilee as mentioned in the Bible.  Every 50 year the Lord renew, re set, re configured everything in the lives of the Jews, and following through spiritually for all Christians.  Since 7th August 2012 the Christians in this nation has embarked on a 40-day pray and fast for our nation and ending today.  We Christians want to see positive and genuine changes for the benefits of all people of this nation.  We want peace, harmony and progress for our nation.  We are all proud to be Malaysians.  Most of us refer to ourselves first as Malaysian rather than from what ever ethnic group.  Therefore, let us especially the Christians pray and demonstrate through our lives for a truly great nation.

Happy Malaysia Day and Blessed Jubilee! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Biggest Cults in America

Recently the world witnessed the death of the leader of a cult, Sun Myung Moon of Unification church.  The other big cult in America is the Mormons.  The other which is well known is Jehovah Witness.  In fact many of these cults that you have in America are also in our own country Malaysia.  I have not really heard of the Moonies here, but there are Jehovah Witness as well as Mormons in our midst.  Even in this small city of Kuching we have a fairly large church of Latter Day Saints that is what Mormons are officially known.  From my own experiences with the Mormons, on the surface they appeared to be Christians, but when you get deeper into what they believe you find that they are not Christians at all!  They even have their own "bible", The Book of Mormon.

Beside these obvious cults there are other influences of society which author J.Lee Grady pointed out :

1. Idol of atheism
2. Idol of free sex
3. Idol of state control
4. Idol of anti Christian tolerance

These are the prevailing trends in America but for us there are others.  I believe anything that distract us from our God is any idol.  It may be the internet as you spend more time using it than reading God's Words!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Nick Vujicic - Limbless Inspiration

Nick Vujicic the limbless evangelist is famous the world over.  I have watched video of him several years ago.  Infact, about two years ago he came to Malaysia.  Many of us with all our physical faculties intact yet we have a lot of complaints when things do not go the way we wanted them.  But for him he "deserve" the complaining because he has no limbs!  According to Nick he did question God why he was born this way and finally he read John 9: 1-3 about why a blind man was blind and Jesus said not because of the sins of his parents but so that God can display His work in the blind man.  Certainly God is showing what God has done for His people when Nick goes around to world to share his testimony.

We able bodies should not complain so much but instead should count our blessings.  God has His purposes in creating in what ever ways.  We just have to enjoy His blessings.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Founder of "Moonies" Died
The founder of the :Moonies" Rev Sun Myung Moon died at 92 years old.  He claimed to be the "Messiah" and now he is dead!  Christians are praying for hos followers to open their eyes and their hearts to encounter Jesus the Only Savior of this world.  Human are incredible, they can believe in persons who claimed to be God or Messiah.  Many are fooled by exploitative leaders who only do things for their own gain.

The lesson for Christians is to really know who we  are believing.  People can make all sort of claims, but how do these hold against what are taught in the Bible?  Pray and seek the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to us.  The Bible is the final authority.

Friday, August 31, 2012

City Harvest Pastor To Plead Not Guilty

The Court case of City Harvest Church ( CHC) has been postponed to 4th Oct 2012.  All the six charged are likely to plead "not guilty" that is including Pastor Kong Hee.  From the very beginning of the case he has been saying this "I do maintain my integrity, and will rigorously defend that integrity against these charges,"

To read more click below: 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Senior Alpha - Day Away

Last Saturday 25th Aug 2012 we had our Holy Spirit Day Away at our Church.  Usually the team goes to another location on Saturday afternoon and return on Sunday after lunch.  However, for our case due to logistic consideration and the age of our participants our team decided to do the "Day Away" at our Church.

It was indeed memorable for all of us, participants and Alpha team because that Saturday was also known as "Holy Spirit" weekend as well as the 7th Week of Senior Alpha.  It was a journey that we all cherish.  The experience was sweeter when two of the participants a husband and wife team accepted Jesus as their personal Savior!  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!  Our Church is encouraged by the working of the Holy Spirit on this couple and their coming to Christ.  Heaven also rejoices!

On the following Sunday, Bro. Neslon and Sis.Hwei Choo came to our Church service.  Praise God!  All Glory to Him!

Monday, August 27, 2012

City Harvest Warned by Commissioner of Charity

The court case of City Harvest Church (CHC) is still on going.  The legal fees for those charged by the courts should be substantial therefore the employees and members of the church has started a donation drive earlier to help pay the legal fees of those charged.  However, the Commissioner of Charity (COC) has disallowed them to solicit donations for the purpose of paying the legal fees of those charged.  The COC has also disallowed CHC from paying the legal fees of those charged. Disallowing the church to use its funds for the legal fees of those charged is understandable, but not allowing the employees or members to raise funds for this purpose is not clear.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Miracle of Sarah Lyn

Sarah Lyn is the daughter of Pastor Philip Lyn and Pastor Nancy Lyn.  Some years ago she accidentally hung herself while playing at her brother's piano teacher's house and she died.  Praise God she is alive now!  During our Church Camp last weekend Pastor Philip shared with us a recreation of the events leading to her revival.  Watch this video.  It is a little long (15 minutes) but it will be worth your while to witness the miracle of Sarah Lyn and God's amazing blessings upon her and her family.

The video has Chinese subtitles.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FBC Church Camp 2012

On 17th to 10th Aug 2012, our Church had our Church Camp at One Hotel, Santubong, a resort about 30 KM from Kuching City.

Our speak was Pastor Philip Lyn from SIB Skyline, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.  He came with his wife Pastor Nancy Lyn and daughter Sarah Lyn.

Pastor Philip was a inspiring speaker and his humility was apparent to us.  He spoke on the subjects of "Prayers, Faith and evangelism".  His teaching was indeed timely as our Church is embarking on a new phrase.  Prayer is very important for Christians, and it was very appropriate to understand this subject as individual and Church.  We were very encouraged by his teaching.  Praise God that 32 members turned up for pre-service prayers on Saturday 18th Aug, 2012 at the camp! ( about 100 plus members attended this camp).

It was a very enjoyable event as many fun activities were conducted and participated by our members.  One of our ethos is "Relationship", and from the participation we can firmly confirm our unity as a family is intact.  Acting, dancing and fun games were carried out. These activities were carried out with little preparations, like on Saturday each team were given instruction about the acting events, and that very evening shows were put out by the 5 teams.  The shows were very funny and entertaining.  Pastor Philip commented that he had never seen such talented, crazy and funny Church congregation before!  We took that comment as a compliment.  Many hidden talents were discovered during the camp.  Sister Nancy Wong, awarded best actress,  acted as the lion in the theme song of "Lion King".  The crowd went wild watching her funny antics.  Our best actor Dr. Chen was funny as the main character in the theme song "We are family".  There were other entertaining acts which were very funny and entertaining.  Several unplanned hiccups like Sister Irene's wardrobe malfunction while on stage and Bro. Chiew needing his reading glass when he was about to read out the nominations of an award.

We really had a great time of fun as well as bounding as a family during the camp.  The fun aside, we also learned valuable lessons about prayers, faith and evangelism from Pastor Philip Lyn.

Our Church has indeed been encouraged by the dual vocational Pastor Dr.Philip Lyn, his wife Nancy and daughter Sarah.  Pastor Philip Lyn is in full time ministry as well as in full time work as a doctor.  It is amazing how he can carry out these two jobs excellently.   There is only one answer, "Because he has God and with God nothing is impossible.

Praise God for an amazing Church Camp!  Hallelujah!  All glory to God!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

City Harvest Church - Eye Witness

The saga of City Harvest Church (CHC) has not ended as the court case is still pending.  By any account the troubles ate CHC has resulted in extensive news coverage not only in Singapore but in many parts of the world.

Christians from outside of Singapore may not exactly know the truth to these matters.  But if some one who has been to the church told you stories and their experiences, than perhaps you will get a better picture of CHC situation.

Recently, a friend of my wife came to visit.  Knowing that she is a Christian, I asked her what exactly happened to CHC.  She said in fact she has attended many of its services over the years although she is from another denomination.  From her earlier visits she enjoyed their services very much.  However, in one occasion she was taken aback at what the Senior Pastor commented when he introduced his wife Sun Ho who as just breaking into the pop music scene in Singapore.  According to our friend, Sun Ho appeared in church wearing a reveling dress.  Her dressing was already inappropriate for a pastor's wife and the church service, but when the Senior Pastor asked the congregation, "Isn't she sexy?" our friend was shocked beyond words.  You may be wondering how can such word come from a Pastor in Church?  What kind of message was he giving the congregation?  Should a man of God say such things in the presence of the congregation?  You get the idea, perhaps you have more questions of your own.  Back to our friend, she said that was the last time she ever attend CHC service.

When you examine all the incidences and what members, and visitors to the church observed you cannot ignore making a stand if you are a serious Christian.  It is not being judgmental here, but to take a stand as to whether this church is a church of God or otherwise.

Some how this negative exposure of what had been done in the church has far reaching consequences on all Christian churches whether we like it or not. 

Note: read the news about Mr.Poon who questioned the church before the case surfaced on the link above.

Friday, August 10, 2012

90 Minutes in Heaven

A man involved in a car accident died and when to heaven for 90 minutes.  Watch this true story:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hope of Jubilee - 40-Day Fast and Pray

Today 7th Aug 2012 is the start of National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) 40-Day fast and pray initiative.  It is God's timing that as we start this fast and pray, it is also the 50th year of the formation of Malaysia as an independent nation.  This nation came into being from the joining together of Sarawak, Sabah and Peninsula Malaysia 50 years ago.  Since, the formation of Malaysia tremendous changes have happened, some good some not good.  In the area of freedom of worship and equality in many spears of life have not been as what the minorities wanted.  Foremost, for Christians is the total freedom to worship in the manners prescribed by our faith.  Christianity is teaching us love and this love have been demonstrated in the many charitable works done by Christians before the creation of our nation.  Like the Christians who came from Europe to set up schools, and hospitals to help the locals.  Some missionaries traveled deep into the jungle to serve the natives there.  They demonstrated their Christ-likeness in their sacrifice for the native people.  Yet today, how many of us even know who these missionaries were?  Never mind about this, the point is Christians served and are serving the people.

The 40-Day Fast and Pray is for this nation which we call home.  Even though many are not native here, but we are born here and call this country our home.  We fast and pray for God's intervention to put in a righteous government that works for the people.

For the past few years it has been observed that more Christians are aware of the need to pray for our nation as many Christians are turning up in prayer meetings organized nation wide.  The turn out in many of these meetings were phenomenal. Rightfully so as we need to stand and pray as One Body of Christ.

Praise and thank God for this nation with abundance that need to be utilized wisely.  Let us be discerning and wise in our decisions for this nation.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Medical Mission

On 29th July 2012 our Church sent a medical mission to the long houses in the vicinity of Sebuyau.  Two Life Groups ( Cells ) participated in this mission.  There were 5 doctors from our Church, Dr.Tiong. Dr.P.T Tan, Dr.Chen, Dr Wong, and Dr.Lee.  This mission was also a combined efforts of the Iban congregation together with the Emglish congregation.  Prior to this mission, the Iban congregation have been visiting long houses in Sebuyau on a monthly basis.  Before 29th July 2012 the Iban members were there one night earlier to prepare the arrival of the other members from our Church.  Praise God that it was a very successful mission because as many as 200 people in the long houses had their medical checks and in this process two patients were identified that they need to be admitted to the General Hospital for further treatment.  From the point view of our Church we were just doing a little to help these needy folks in the long houses.

Beside medical help our members also prayed for the people there.

This was the first medical mission and there will be more coming.

Thank God that we can do a little to help others who are in need.

Thanks to Bro.Tiong for uploading this video on to You tube so that others can also watch it.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Peter Truong Healing Service

Pastor Peter Truong is from Hope Church, Brisbane, Australia.  He has been in Kuching for the past two weeks to conduct several healing services for a number of churches.  He was preaching and teaching at our church last Sunday, and on Monday evening he conducted another Spirit filled healing service at our church.

In this service our church invited churches from Kuching to join.  Christians came from Good News Fellowship, Emmanuel Baptist church, Calvary Family church, St.Faith Anglican, Trinity Methodist church and of course not forgetting members from Hope church, Kuching.  Their pastor Dennis Lu also attended this service.

Probably about 200 hundred Christians were in the service, and there were a few non Christians invited by our members.  It was a Spirit filled healing service as many were expecting the move of the Holy Spirit in healing emotional, spiritual, and physical ailments.  Before the healing service started, Bro.Austin of St.Faith Anglican shared how he was prayed by Pastor Peter two years ago when he was having throat cancer then.  Doctors at the General Hospital here instructed him to go to Kuala Lumpur to seek treatment, but he did not go as he trust the Lord to heal him.  He went through the normal chemo and radiation, and praise the Lord that he did not drop any hair like the other patients.  That alone was a testimony to the others.  Later he was prayed by Pastor Peter and following that he was healed of his cancer.  Praise the Lord! 

The Spirit filled worship continued as the healing service was conducted.  That was the first time, I ever witnessed about 50 brothers and sisters were slain in one session after Pastor Peter prayed for them!  Glory to God!  Many were healed of their ailments, and some gave their testimonies later in the service.

When Pastor Peter conducted an altar call and four non believers came forward and accepted Jesus as their personal Savior!  Hallelujah! 

The service started at 7.30 pm and only finished at 12 midnight.

Thank God for sending Pastor Peter Truong to our church!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Books On Wheels

This is an unique effort by Pastor Cheli Tamilselvan and his wife Kong Lai Meng.  They were teaching in Kuching when they started this service to help the rural children to read.  They had a burden for the rural folks who were marginalized and many of their young did not go to school.  The read buses are 4 wheels drive packed with books and they were driven to rural communities.  The first outing was to outskirt of Kuching.

Since Pastor Cheli's and his wife transfers to Peninsular they have been reaching the communities there.

It is indeed commendable that Pastor Cheli has expanded this read bus service to Cambodia.  In Cambodia the bus is actually a tuk-tuk.

I was talking to Pastor Fong who has taken over the job from Pastor Cheli in Kuching and I was told that due to lack of man power, the reading bus here had been reduced from 4 to 1.  However, whoever wants to reach the rural young readers can obtain the books from Pastor Fong.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kong Hee Confident He Will Be Vindicated

As the court case of misappropriating of funds is going on now, Pastor Kong Hee said he is confident that he will be vindicated of any wrong doing.  The court will certainly be deciding soon whether he is innocent or guilty.  Even if he is found guilty, the process of the law will also allows him to appeal.  Meanwhile, a sixth person is charged for this case.  Ms Sherina Wee a former Chief financial director of the Church.

To read more clink on the link.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pastor Peter Truong Healing Service
Pastor Peter Truong is from Hope Church, Brisbane.  He has been here to Kuching to minister to several churches in the past years.  His specialty is in the healing ministry but as he discerned the Spirit he will also prophesy.  On Sunday was his first visit to our church.  Prior to this he has already known a brother who has lent his private resort in Lundu for his ministry here.

Pastor Peter is a Vietnamese of Chinese descent and he is Teochew.

His message on Sunday was short as he wanted to spend more time ministering to our congregation.  His sharing entitled : Faith For Miracles.  There were three main points, a) Faith starts with believing in God's Words and promises, b) Faith requires actions c) Faith brings blessings and rewards.

After his sharing, all our members gathered at the front of the church to be ministered by him and our elders.  The Holy Spirit moved amongst us and many of us were healed of our ailments. Some were slain by the Holy Spirit.

In the afternoon Pastor Peter gave our church a training session cum practical on the healing ministry.  Before the practical he shared with us the main points of God's healing.  he said there are three kinds of healing a) Spiritual b) emotional and c) physical.  All these three types of healing will come into play as one proceed to heal someone. He also gave practical steps to take before praying for someone to be healed of his/her illness.  The session was well attended by our members and Pastor Peter was pleasantly surprised. 

One important point from his teaching is that any of us can heal through the power of our God.  No one is special.   Each of us have the healing power via the Holy Spirit.

Praise God and Thank Him for sending Pastor Peter to minister to us.

You can read his blog at

Friday, July 20, 2012

Putting Sin To Death

Putting sin to death seem like an impossible task.  But J.I Packer, Theologian said it is possiblw with God's help.  By ourselves we cannot do this. 

He defines sin as "in the sense of ungodly and anti-God inclinations in the heart." So sins are things that are anti-God so this definition covers a wide range of sins.  We need God's help to eradicate sins, he said, "God is great and all powerful and ready to help while "I am weak and in need of His help especially when trying to mortify sin."

J.I Packer also said that getting rid of sin is a process and this need to be done regularly.  Although sin may not be dominant in our lives but they are in our hearts.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Obeying God Come After Grace

According to Pastor Tim Keller people often got it wrong and this impedes our understanding of the Bible.  This is true especially when one is a new Christian or a nominal Christian.  He illustrated this concept using the story of the Israelite who were led out of Egypt.  It was not that they followed God's commands before they were delivered.   God saved them and instructed them to get out of Egypt.

Many of us also know that it is by grace and not work that we are saved.  Of course God did not say we can relax and doing nothing after being saved.  He instructed us to work, like the Great Commission.

Pastor Tim Keller said, "In a nutshell: salvation by grace, obedience, and then blessing.
"Nothing must ever be allowed to upset this order,"

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Senior Alpha 14.7.12

Thank the Lord for the Senior Alpha session this morning in our Church.  It was the second week of the 12 weeks program.  We had 5 participants because some who attended last week could not come this week.  Praise God that despite the smaller group, we had an enjoyable time interacting with the senior participants.  They were interested in the message from the video, this week subject was "Why did Jesus died?".  The non believers found it difficult to understand but our facilitators as well as follow Christian participants helped out.  One new participant who is 76 years old was very enthusiastic with her sharing and testimony, and that had impact on the non believers as well as nominal Christians in the group.

Praise God again for a fruitful session!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

From Pastor-Singer to Geisha Girl
As the City Harvest saga is been taken care by the authorities in Singapore, The Star newspaper in Malaysia has reported on the singing career of Pastor Kong Hee's wife Sun Ho.  From the story it appeared that initially her intention was wholesome and tolerable to many Christians although her songs were secular in nature.  As her career progressed her performances and dressing seem to lean more towards the secular world.  It was reported that as she wanted to attract the non believers to Christianity and to get their attention she dressed and perform just like any popular artist.  The video that set tongues waging was "China wine".  Her performance there was no different from any popular singer of the world. ( watch on Youtube) Personally it was really unbecoming of a pastor's wife to dress, and performed those moves in the video.  In the end it was doubtful that she achieved her objective of bring more people to Christianity.

A music director commented, “To use pop music to promote Christianity, I think, is fine. But there are many types of images you can adopt and that was so inappropriate to Christianity.”

You can read more on the link.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Senior Alpha

In Malaysia the Senior Alpha program is aimed at people who are 50 years and above.  This course is a variance of the Alpha Course.  There is Alpha Classic, Alpha Youth, Alpha Campus, and Alpha Workplace.

On Saturday 7th July 2012, we ran the first session of Senior Alpha at our church. FBC.  The nine participants grouped into two groups enable better interaction amongst the participants and Hosts.  It was very encouraging to see the participants actively participated in the discussion on the first session subject "Who is Jesus". 

A few old friends caught up with each other in the course and there were plenty of laughters and friendly conversations among them.  Even those who met for the first time were friendly with each other.  The friendly atmosphere encouraged the participants to relax and participate in the discussion after watching the subject video.

Our team of facilitators and helpers were encouraged by the enthusiastic responses of the participants.  One participant who is not a Christian told the group that he has been reading the Bible regularly.  He even share the Gospel with one of the participants who asked questions about the Bible.  One new believer shared his testimony of how he came to the Lord and that encouraged the participants who were not Christians.

All these are possible because of much prayers by our church and Alpha team well before the start of the course.

All Glory to our Lord!