Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cell Meeting dated 22.5.09

Appeared that everyone had a wonderful time during our cell meeting. The "family" group was a little "loud" with their laughter that "disturbed" the "finance" group.

Comments from our members:

Hi Alwin, this is great. Tks, U have been a great help. God bless, Alfred.

Good afternoon bro alwin,

Thks for your prompt and frequent updating .
Yes the "family" group had a good laugh cos whenever there is family , there are laughter, tears, sad and touching stories, joy, discipline, growing pain,grace, love and destiny.

Finance, income, work and calling are also the important part of family life.

Cherio and god bless you and your household.

Let,s prepare ourselves and come together to praise and worship our lord .amen

Ching nam

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