Thursday, February 21, 2013

Prosperity Gospel

Prosperity Gospel is also known as the "wealth and health" Gospel.  This Gospel is an export from America and it appeared that Africa is one of the largest importer of such Gospel.  You must have read many stories coming from America where this Gospel is well known and easily identified by people outside of the US.  We can easily read from on line Christian sites about such churches.  We in Asia is not immune to such Gospel. In Singapore there was such a church whose senior pastor was accused of using the church's funds to promote the secular musical career of his wife.  Despite the fact that the government has investigated and charged the senior pastors and his managers, the church continue to thrive.  In fact, it was reported that immediately after the case came to light, the attendance at this church actually increased!  What is the matter with the Christians?  Each believer makes his/her decision about the church he/she is attending and certainly there are many who do not see anything wrong with their church.

In the US there are many more of such mega churches peddling the prosperity Gospel.  The Trinity Foundation, a non profit organization has been helping the authorities to investigate such churches and similar organizations.  Some of these evangelists, you will be familiar: Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Paul White, Jocye Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Eddie L Long and others.  Many Christians outside of the US are reading the books by these evangelists, and it will be wise for you to check the Bible whether what they preached are biblical.  You may unknowingly misled by their teaching.

Watch the videos below:

Pastor John Piper preaches against such gospel

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