Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Parade 2013 - The Gift of love

On Saturday 14th Dec 2013 Kuching city witnessed the annual Christmas Parade organized by the Methodist Church.  It was an interdenominations event as various denominations like Catholics, Anglican, Baptists, Seven Day Adverntist, SIB and others joined in to celebrate the birth of Jesus with the city folks of Kuching.  Despite the rain a few thousands Christians from all walks of life joined in the celebration.

As the theme of this celebration was "The Gift of love", members of churches prepared small gifts which were given to the public along the way.  Our church gave away ballons bearing Scripture messages.

Praise God that as we moved along the way, the rain was just drizzling although we had to use our umbrellas.

Note: Pictures credit to Benjamin Ho.

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