Monday, September 8, 2014

Hope Place

Hope Place Kuching is a non-governmental charity organization founded by Kevin Wan.  Its main objective is to provide foods and basic necessities to the less fortunate in Kuching and its surroundings.  Our Mandarin Church has been partnering this organization for sometime now in helping to distribute supplies to various families once every two months.

Last Saturday, I, two members from English church and two members from Mandarin church had the opportunity to deliver foodstuffs to three families.

The first family was at 9th Mile Serian road, the woman that we were to give the foods was not in, but her disabled son was locked in the house.  He was locked from outside, so he could not open the door.  We had to leave the foods with the neighbour.

The second family was a Malay family with 7 children at Haji Baki.  They live in a small but concrete house.  The man works as a wireman, and his wife looks after the children.

The third family is Chinese family of three, father, mother and son.  Both parents are in their 70s and their son is mentally handicapped.

It was humbling to meet these less fortunate people just surrounding Kuching.  The tough lives they have to bear, and seeing some struggling yet contented is really something.  We in the city may complain about our less than ideal circumstances, but compared to their problems these are nothing.  Indeed, we must count our blessings for all that our Lord has provided.  In whatever ways we can we must help the needy.  Even our Lord says it is better to give than receive. (Acts 20:35 )

Watch a video of Hope Place:

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