Friday, December 12, 2014

Marriage Course Graduation 2014

Last evening the graduation party for The Marriage Course was held at Imperial Hotel, Kuching.  This was the second course organized jointly between the Welfare, Women and Family Ministry of Sarawak and Alpha Malaysia.  The Sarawak Alpha is headed by Dr. Wong Howe Tung and Gan Chuei Lian.  In view of the raising divorce rate in Malaysia, the WWFM recognized the need to strengthen marriages.

The party was graced by Welfare, Women and Family Minister Datuk Fatimah Abdullah.  The event was also attended by Alpha Malaysia, SEA head, Foo Lai Wai, Relation Central Manager, Ai Siang, and Alpha National Coordinator Melissa Then.

Altogether there were 31 couples but not all of them could attend the function last night.

One important milestone of this course is that this second intake has more young couples.  The youngest in terms of marriage is a couple who is married only for two years.

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