Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NECF : A Call To Prayer 24th to 26th Jan 2013


National Evangelical Christian Fellowship ( NECF ) Malaysia has organized a fast and pray from 24th Jan to 26th Jan 2013.  This is not the first of such fast and prayer, and perhaps sensing the tribulations and urgency of events unfolding in Malaysia, this fast and prayer is timely.  Beside, our country is heading towards the 13th General election before the middle of this year.  Our nation is at the same time entering the year of Jubilee.  Our nation is facing so many challenges from all fronts, and religion seem to be one of the  major issue that we have to handle.  No matter what man wants to do, God is sovereign and He is in control at all times.  For all who care of this nation, let us join NECF and other Christians in this nation to fast and pray for a better Malaysia.  Many pastors and leaders from all over our nation will be in Kuala Lumpur from 24th Jan to 26th Jan 2013 to fast and pray for Malaysia.  Those of us who are not able to join them in Kuala Lumpur, let us join our hearts in one accord to fast and pray during the assigned period.

May our Lord bless all Malaysians.

Last year 40-Day Fast and Pray


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