Monday, January 7, 2013

First Christmas Flash Mob in Malaysia
To people outside of Malaysia Christmas flash mob is just one of the many flash mobs that people organized.  But this is an historical event for Malaysia, more so because it was a Christmas Flash mob.  The majority of the Malaysians are Muslim, only about 10% are Christians, therefore since this flash mob can be conducted is something.  The flash mob was organized by a new and upcoming church TNCC Church.  This event garnered so much publicity that the local TV station RTM reported it in their nightly news!  Praise God for bring the Christian message to the public!  Pastor of TNCC Peter Sze said he was bringing the church to the public unlike tradition where the church is in a church building.  This is a very encouraging news to all Malaysian Christians and it was really God's work to enable such event to take place in public.  Malaysian Christians had seen their rights slowly being eroded and this indeed is a timely "present" to all Christians in Malaysia.

Let us continue to pray for our nation as we enter the year of Jubilee.  Thank God for all His provisions and His presence in this nation.

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