Monday, March 25, 2013

Effective Fervent Prayers - Julius Suubi
Pastor Julius Suubi is no stranger to many Christians here in Kuching.  He has been here last year and many were touched by his heart for prayers.

This time his prayer sessions will be from 23rd March 2013 to 27th March 2013 at Good News Fellowship starting 730pm to 930pm.

I attended the 23rd March 2013 session.  It was very well attended.  There must be about 400 people in the sanctuary.  Christians came from different denominations, and I met some Catholic sisters there too.  This is not surprising because people of God have been hungry for God since about two years ago.  Christians realized the importance of gathering to worship and intercede especially for our country.  It is even more significant as this is the year of Jubilee for our country, beside the 13th General Election is just around the corner.  In the political, social, and economic fronts many things have happened not to the satisfaction of many and we pray for justice and fairness to prevail in this country.

Pastor Suubi and his ministry has been coming to Malaysia for the past few years to pray and intercede for Malaysia.  He has experienced the power of God upon his country, Uganda. ( He is now ministering in Highway of Holiness Ministry International, Kenya ).  Also the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in Kenya recently.  Kenya just had their election recently and Pastor Suubi said the vice president even prayed and called people to thank God for what He has done for them.  Similarly in Malaysia we are witnessing the increasing fervency in prayers in many churches especially to intercede for our country.  NECF is instrumental in organizing and educating many evangelical churches of the need of prayers to bring about positive changes in Malaysia.

We are honored to have Pastor Suubi here to pray for our nation and also to help us to understand prayers better.  His sessions are teaching and prayer sessions.  We thank God for Pastor Suubi.  May all of us continue to pray for our country Malaysia.  We want a just and equitable government which has the interest of its people.  We are against corrupted leaders who squandered the wealth of this country.

"Oh Lord thank you for Malaysia and thank you that you have brought prophets in our midst in this time of need.  As our nation go into the 13th General Election, may all eligible Christians arise to vote.  Oh God may righteous politicians be voted into the government.  Lord we commit this country to you.  In Jesus Most Precious Name I pray Amen."

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