Friday, May 10, 2013

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land 2 - St.Anne, Jerusalem

Our pilgrimage especially to the Old city of Jerusalem brought our group to St.Anne Church on 22nd April 2013.

The church is located at the start of Via Dolorosa near the Lion's Gate, the Muslim quarter of Old Jerusalem.  This was a former Islamic seminary.  In 1856 the Ottoman Sultan Abdulmecid presented to the French for their support during the Cremean War.  This church is now owned by the French government and administered by the White Fathers, a Catholic order.

The church is blessed with amazing acoustic with the sound beautifully confined within the church that appealed to our sense of hearing.  The sound of music and songs produced from here is beautiful and fantastic.

Only when we were at the church, we were told by our guide that we can sing if we would like too.  Prior to this we did not know we could sing there.  We were the second group in line to sing when we got into the church.  As soon as the previous group finished, the Father in charged directed us to assemble in front of the church.  Our Sister Chuei Lian directed our group by gathering us and suggesting the songs.  As we observed from the previous group, they only sang one song.  We started with "Amazing Grace", and as we started, many of us had tears in our eyes as we were touched by our Lord.  As we got into our second song, "You are so good" written by our Brother Leslie Yeo (award winning song) more felt God's touch and some broken out in loud cries of repentance, and submission to God.  We sang the third song "I love you Lord", followed by repeating Amen, Amen, Amen in different tones, which was very beautiful.  The most amazing thing for us was that we were allowed to sing three songs instead of one!  Why? Because most group only had time to sing one song.  We were blessed as there was no new group immediately after us, the Father in charged urged us to continue singing!  Hallelujah!  Praise God!

Sample of the sound produced in this church.  This is a video from Youtube. Listen to the acoustic.

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