Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Launching NECF 40-Day Fast and Pray
On 15th July 2013, NECF launched the 40-day fast and pray for Kuching at FBC, Kuching.  This year's theme is "Thy Kingdom Come".  We are going to fast and pray for this nation, praying God will intercede to put wrongs into rights.

Many people may have felt dispointed with the recently concluded general election but a speaker reminded the audience that indeed God has answered our prayers.  His answers may not be like what we wanted but He did delivered us from violence and blessed our country with peace after the elections.  Beside, many more citizens are much aware of their rights as citizens and as a people we can all make changes for good.  One other important result was that Chrsitians from all denominations united in One body to pray for our country.  This outcome was unprecedented.

The fast and pray will start from 7th August 2013 to 15th September 2013.

A booklet for this year 40-day fast and pray containing the topics to be prayed is available from NECF.  Many local churches have also ordered their copies.  In case you need it please refer to NECF website in the above link.

Let us continue to fast and pray for this nation of ours.

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