Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pilgrimage to the Holyland 7 - Garden Tomb

During our pilgrimage to the Holy Land, our group visited two Biblical sites which were supposely the location of Jesus' burial after His Crucifixtion.  Many of us were puzzled because on that day we visited the Holy Sepuchre in the morning and in the afternoon we visited the Garden Tomb.  Later when we listened to the tourist guide at the Garden Tomb explaining than we understood the stories to these two sites.

Traditionally the Protestants identify with the Garden Tomb as the place where Jesus was crucified because this place resembled the description in the Bible. Hebrew 13:12 says, "12 And so Jesus also suffered outside the city gate to make the people holy through his own blood".  This location has always been outside the City Gate.  Also near to the tomb is an outcrop of a hill that resembles a skull.

On the other hand, many believed that the Holy Sepulchre is the real location of Jesus' Crucifixtion and burial as it was also outside the City Gate during the time of Jesus.  This location has been taken as the real site since the time of Constantine.

Nevertheless, like the tour guide explained whichever is the real site is not important, the important aspect is that the crucified Christ resurrected for the dead after dying for three days. It is also left to the pilgrims to decide which is the right one.  

At the Garden Tomb it was not crowded and believers can sit and pray to our Lord Jesus, and spend quite time with Him.

A video of our group at the Garden Tomb.

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