Wednesday, October 30, 2013

God's Plan for Human Sexuality

Our church has the privilege to host Re. Andrew Carter pastor of Therfield Chapel, U.K.  he is also a lecturer in Systematic Theology and Apologetics at Christian Heritage Cambridge.  Rev Carter is no stranger to us as he has accompanied his father John Carter to our church about three years ago.  His father John Carter has been minsitering to churches in Malaysia for the past 30 years, in view of his age (70s) he could not come this time.

Rev Carter is speaking on a very important and pressing issue of human sexuality especially the kind that is not according to Scriptures.  He said in the West everything is seen from a secular view point, like sexual orientations.  The West claimed that human has the right to chose their own sexual orientation and no one is to judge these people.  He said the Western reality is like plastercine, they can creat their own reality.  Therefore this secular views and pratises are at odd with Christianity.  How are we as Christians are to response to these threats? How are we to influence the public to subscribed to the truths as prescribed in the Bible? Can people of the same gender get married?  What does the Bible says about marriage?  There are many more questions regarding sexuality will be answered by Rev Carter in his four sessions talk from 28th Oct to 31st Oct 2013 at FBC, Jalan Tapang, Kuching.

Those who are interested to learn more, you are welcome to attend his sessions tonight 30th Oct and the last session 31st Oct 2013.

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