Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We Can't Care About Everyone All The Time


Recently read an article of the same title.  Sometimes we may feel overwhelmed by the many bad things that are happening around the world or in our neignbourhood.  Certainly we care about what misfortune others are experiecing and our hearts go out to them.  However, can we care for all these not within our control and many times far away from us?  The author rightly said she cannot care for all these happenings.  Recently the MH370 tragedy is one such issue, certainly in Malaysia many of us are stunned by this mystery and sufferings, and yes our hearts go out to the victims and their families.  Yet, in God's scheme of things He most likely did not expect us to be imobilized by such incidences around the world, if He had, He would have equiped us.  I share the same feelinsg like the author, I care for all the bad that happened but I can't do anything, what I can do to impact others lives I will do.  Like many of our church members are involved in helping communities around us and in neighbouring countries like Indonesia.  Our Life Group is supporting a number of less privilege students at a home in Kalimantan, just about a couple of hours drive from Kuching.  We believe this is more impactful, because the money we give every month goes to buy foods, supplies for the students.  Of course this is one example, there are many to cover here.

I believe God instructured us to impact our immediate communities where we can really help, and not those places beyong our reach.

Praise God and thank Him that our Life Group cna be of service to people who needed help.  That is a command of God to help the needy.  We need not be overwhelmed by bad things far away from us.  Important is that we are of service to others who are in need.

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