Tuesday, June 3, 2014

America's No. 1 Confidence Coach

Last week our local FUll Gospel Businessmen (FGB) fellowship brought in America's No. 1 Confidence coach for a two-sessions workshop.  It was indeed a blessing for Kuching's folks because Keith Johnson came all the way from America and the entrance fee to attend was just RM10 each!

The seminar was a success, the room was packed with at about 200 people of Thursday evening.  Friday morning;s session was also well attended.

Keith Johnson was a funny speaker and he kept everyone on his toes with his many jokes.  Jokes aside, we learn many valuable tips about building confidence and how to have confidence in our lives.  Confident seems to be everything in a successful person's live.  Lack of confidence is usually a person's reason for failure.  Success is not necessary measures by monetary returns, but a productive live in areas of your passions.  Like a Pastor can be successful but not necessary rich in a worldly manner.

One great point about this seminar was that it was based on Christian principles and Dr. Keith Johnson has a graduate degree in Theology.  He sharing was backed by Biblical principles.  Unless we have God, we cannot be successful.  In one of his "triangle of confidence", it contains God as one factor.

All in a useful and beneficial seminar on confidence building.

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