Wednesday, July 30, 2014

FBC Church Camp 2014

We had our Church camp from 26th July to 28th July 2014 at One Hotel, Santubong.

Our speaker is Pastor Liaw Yong Lam, his wife Mrs. Liaw and their daughter Grace.  Pastor Liaw had been a missionary to Papua New Guinea (PNG) for 14 years, his job was the translation of the Bible to the local language.  His story of how his family is blessed by God because they were obedient was inspiring.  Before they went to PNG Mrs. Liaw was already suffering from kidney disease so much so that doctor said she needed a dialysis machine.  However, by grace of God she could cope with the usual medical care.  They were obedient to God and trust God in their stay in PNG.  Their two daughters were also blessed with scholarships to study in USA.  Grace has graduated and she has been a missionary to China for more than two years now.

During our camp Pastor Liaw spoke on the subject of "Mission" and he is most qualified to speak on this subject as he has practical experiences in PNG.  His teachings had been inspiring and also helped us to understand the real meaning of mission.  He said in mission, it is not necessary one needed to share the Gospel to the people we are helping.  There are missionaries who are purely teachers in the mission fields and they not necessary share the Gospel with their students.  It would be good if they can do so.

Another good point about serving is that we must be intentional in serving.  We can not be a "convenient" Christian.  He shared a story of "convenient" Christian, he said most time we will give lifts from church to our church friends if it is convenient for us, meaning if we are going the same way as our friends, otherwise we will not help.  He joked that most time, the pastor is the one who will give lifts to church members because he is located at the church, and their is no specific direction for him.

Overall, we had a good camp and our speaker has imparted valuable messages to us.  We pray that most of us can be involved in mission.  It is not necessary to be away from our country, the mission fields are also numerous in our own country.

You can red an article about some of their work in PNG here :

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Note : Top picture is Pastor Liaw, bottom picture Mrs. Liaw

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