Sunday, July 13, 2014

Nursing Home

It is inevitable that we face old age.  When we are old there are limitations to what we can do physically as well as mentally.  It will come a time when we need others to care for us.  This is what my mother is facing.  In her case, her mind is deteriorating because she has dementia.  Over the years it seems her mind has lose many abilities including recognising people.  Sad to say, now she cannot remember all her children.  Because she could not take care of herself any more and because of our family circumstance, we have decided to admit her to a local nursing home, Lions Nursing Home, Kuching which is a non profit ran by Lions Club of Kuching.  As much as we do not want to send our mother there, the circumstances left us with little choice.  She has been admiited there since 9th July 2014.

Thank and Praise God that these few days my family members have been visiting her there and observed that she has been well taken care by the care givers there.  We had heard of unpleasant stories at nursing homes, and thank God this one is alright.  At least we know that our mother is well taken care off there.  We need not worry unnecasserily.  While there I have spoken to a number of residents and most of them are happy living there.  There are a few who yearned to go home.  Who wouldn't ?

Dementia is a serious dieases which caused the patient to "lose his/her mind" over time.  They can be totally dependant on others at the late stage.  Over here in Malaysia facilities for such patients are limited.  There is no specialised nursing home for such patients.  However, it is different in Holland.  There is a dedicated village meant for patients with this diease.  Watch it below:

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