Sunday, March 28, 2010

Salt Shakers and Light Bearers to the Community

Once again our Church is thankful that Pastor Isaac Yim is here to speak to us.

Pastor Yim preached on the above subject.

In Matt 5:13-16, Christians are instructed to be salt and light to our community. In what context we are called? At present we are not mocked or persecuted like the old days. However, we have many problems and trials. When we want to do good things, the devil will attack us.

What Jesus Taught – Purity in our lives makes our lives most influential. The influence can be positive or negative. As salt and light we should live simply and let our lives be examples to the world.

Four Cs of Salt and Light – Charge, Commission, Challenged and commanded to be salt and light. These are like the instructions of our Lord Jesus.

What do we do as salt? –we preserve the moral value, we improve the quality of life, we promote healing in relationships, we are to live a life that is pure, we are to create thirst for Christ by our exemplary lives.

Everything is rotting, in the government, in society and many areas of our lives. We are called to be salt to be righteous. Many peoples’ lives have become “tasteless”, they find no meaning in life. The salt brings healing of the hurts in us. We may be better in helping people who are hurting because we know them better, not necessary the work of the pastor. Many are also in need of spiritual healing, and Jesus is the greatest Healer. Salt also represents purity and we are to live a pure life. Salt give us thirst physically, and it represents an attraction to others if we live exemplary life, people will want to know. If salt loses its taste what happens? It will be thrown away and trampled upon. Similarly if we lose our “saltiness” we are of no use to Jesus. If we have no more “taste”, we will lose our influence. If we lose our testimonies, others will turn away from Christ.

Our Source of Light is Jesus – “You are the light of the world” Matt 5:14.
As light we dispel darkness, as light we reveal the truth, and as light we give warmth. As Christians we give light, in our work place, in public or wherever we are. Position yourselves to be light of the area where you are.

Application – how to apply the principle of salt and light?
1. Speech – be careful with our speech when we speak to others.
2. Behaviour – behave according to Biblical teachings
3. Faith – show your faith in God at all times, not only during good times
4. Love – love your neighbour as yourself
5. Purity – live a pure and godly life as an example to others.

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