Monday, November 7, 2011

Logos Hope in Kuching

The ship Logos Hope is now in Kuching Port. They are here from 28th Oct to 13th Nov 2011. Children are especially excited about going on board this ship not only to enjoy at lease 5,000 titles of books but various activities organized by members of the ship to teach and reach out to people here in Kuching.

I still remember more than 20 years ago the Doulos a smaller ship came to Kuching and it was moored up river near to the town because it was smaller. That was a great time for me a non believer than.

Last week our youth members had the chance to stay over night on board ship. They must have a great time on board.

On Sunday four members of Logos Hope came to share in our church. The more senior member, Pam from Perth Australia shared about how she came to join the ship as a teacher on board and her testimony of how God had called her to use her talent to help others on board. The other three were from U.K, Mexico and Jamaica.

The three younger members entertained the children at the Sunday school.

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