Saturday, November 26, 2011

Prayer Is A Relationship

Martin Voegelin of Mission Net said prayer is a relationship and not an activity. Last evening in our Life Group (Cell group) we were studying the subject of relation to God, and one part of the study was on prayer, and our discipleship material also said the same thing. According to Martin due to this misunderstanding many are hindered from living a prayerful life. He was talking about European experiences, but I believe it is applicable everywhere.

Personally, prayer is like blood flowing in my body. If one do not pray it is like not having blood in our bodies which means we do not have life.

In relation to answered prayer Martin said "And as prayer ceases, so too do the answers to prayer - our relationship to God becomes ineffective and boring.”

How true, Jesus said if you do not ask you do not get.

Prayer should be every Christian's FIRST resort and not Last.

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