Sunday, July 8, 2012

Senior Alpha

In Malaysia the Senior Alpha program is aimed at people who are 50 years and above.  This course is a variance of the Alpha Course.  There is Alpha Classic, Alpha Youth, Alpha Campus, and Alpha Workplace.

On Saturday 7th July 2012, we ran the first session of Senior Alpha at our church. FBC.  The nine participants grouped into two groups enable better interaction amongst the participants and Hosts.  It was very encouraging to see the participants actively participated in the discussion on the first session subject "Who is Jesus". 

A few old friends caught up with each other in the course and there were plenty of laughters and friendly conversations among them.  Even those who met for the first time were friendly with each other.  The friendly atmosphere encouraged the participants to relax and participate in the discussion after watching the subject video.

Our team of facilitators and helpers were encouraged by the enthusiastic responses of the participants.  One participant who is not a Christian told the group that he has been reading the Bible regularly.  He even share the Gospel with one of the participants who asked questions about the Bible.  One new believer shared his testimony of how he came to the Lord and that encouraged the participants who were not Christians.

All these are possible because of much prayers by our church and Alpha team well before the start of the course.

All Glory to our Lord!

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