Sunday, July 29, 2012

Books On Wheels

This is an unique effort by Pastor Cheli Tamilselvan and his wife Kong Lai Meng.  They were teaching in Kuching when they started this service to help the rural children to read.  They had a burden for the rural folks who were marginalized and many of their young did not go to school.  The read buses are 4 wheels drive packed with books and they were driven to rural communities.  The first outing was to outskirt of Kuching.

Since Pastor Cheli's and his wife transfers to Peninsular they have been reaching the communities there.

It is indeed commendable that Pastor Cheli has expanded this read bus service to Cambodia.  In Cambodia the bus is actually a tuk-tuk.

I was talking to Pastor Fong who has taken over the job from Pastor Cheli in Kuching and I was told that due to lack of man power, the reading bus here had been reduced from 4 to 1.  However, whoever wants to reach the rural young readers can obtain the books from Pastor Fong.

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