Monday, November 26, 2012

Alpha Vision Day
The forth Alpha Vision Day (AVD) was held on 24th Nov 2012 in Kuala Lumpur.  About 50 Alpha Advisers from various parts of Malaysia attended this half day session.

The purpose of ADV was to brief the Advisers and participants of what had take place in Alpha as well as the vision for the following year.  National Director Bro. Foo Lai Wai opened the session with a welcome message.  The Chairperson of Alpha Malaysia Datin Katheleen was also presence.  The leaders of each Alpha course gave their presentations.  They were as follows :

1.  Relationship Central
2.  Senior Alpha
3.  Prison Alpha
4. Campus Alpha
5. Workplace Alpha
6.  Catholic Alpha
7. Worship Central

As usual Bro.Jack of Senior Alpha helped lightened the atmosphere with his well received jokes.

Worship Central has yet to be launched in Malaysia.  It will be launched in 2013.  This course is designed to help the worship team use worship music to connect with God.  Music worship is not entertainment, but it is a part of worshiping God.  We also know that it is one of the important medium in helping congregations to get into worshiping and praising God in most church services.

This year Workplace Conferences were a huge success.  Next year Workplace Conference ( English) will be held in Penang in September 2013.  Alpha is planning Alpha Conference in Mandarin too.

All participants were given a tour of the new office by Bro. Foo.  We also prayed for Alpha Malaysia.  All glory to God for what He is doing in Malaysia through Alpha.  May the harvest be plentiful in the coming years.

Check out the website of Worship Central above.

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