Monday, November 5, 2012

Conflict and Stress Management
On 1st Nov to 3 rd Nov 2012, our church hosted the Conflict & Stress Management course.  This was conducted over two evenings on 1st Nov and 2nd Nov, morning and evening of 3rd Nov 2012.  This course came about because of the contact of  Bro. Dr. Wong and Sis.Chuei Lian who knew Dr.Everyln Biles from another course.  It was timely for church members as well as corporate personnel to attain this course.  We go go through conflicts and stress whether in church or in the world.

Dr.Evelyn Bile is from the US, and is highly trained and an expert in conflict and stress management.
She was born and brought up in Lebanon therefore she understands the circumstances in our country.  She shared that around 2002 a friend of hers a Pastor who had been posted to Malaysia encouraged her to come to Malaysia.  At first she was reluctant because she thought Malaysia was not a Muslim country, and her experiences were in a Muslim country that is Lebanon.  Finally she came and found it very satisfying in sharing her expertise with the church as well as corporate world in Malaysia.

In Malaysia she founded Global Mosaic, an organization aimed at equipping people in conflict and stress management.

The course was ran successfully and many participants found the concepts practical.  These can be applied to church as well as Corporate world.  In fact, 14 participants were from a local listed company.  All together there were 101 participants.  Glory to God for this successful course.

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