Monday, November 12, 2012

Cell Church Mission Network (CCMN)

CCMN conference has just being completed in Kuala Lumpur last week.  Our Church sent 12 members to attend this conference.  It was one of the few times that our Church sent anyone to attend such conference.  In terms of CCMN it was the very first.

According to the participants it was an eye opener for them as it was the first time for most of them to meet and share with so many pastors and lay leaders from about 40 countries.  Altogether 450 people attended, Hong Kong made up the most numbers followed by Malaysia being the hosting nation.

Our people came back and some of them gave their testimonies in Church on Sunday 11th Nov 2012.  A Mandarin Church Brother who has just been with our church for 3 years shared that he has been inspired to be a missionary to a Middle East country.  He said God has blessed him so much, and he wanted to bless others too.  A Mandarin Church Sister shared that on her annual leave she usually go overseas for holiday, now she has decided to use her annual leave to go for short term mission.

According to Pastor Ben Wong, the initiator of Cell Church Mission Network is to carry out the Great Commission.  This task should not be left to missionary organizations but the churches must do something.  Each church can be more effective if they network with other churches around the world.  This is what CCMN is doing in their conferences.  There are no "big shot" pastors at the conference, just ordinary pastors and lay leaders from all over the world sharing their mission experiences.

Pastor Ben's church Shepherd Community Grace Church in Hong Kong is a good example.  His Church sends out numerous missionaries to countries like China, Thailand, North Africa, Japan, Taiwan, and soon Middle Eastern countries.  His Church also started small 25 years ago, yet they have impacted so many countries for Christ.  The tag line for CCMN according to Pastor Ben is "NO Glory, No Control".  There is no "big shot" pastors and no one control anyone. Just the net work of pastors all over the world net working and working together to advance the kingdom of God.

Praise God for this work that is on going and praise God for the hearts of pastors and lay leaders in the network carrying out the Great Commission.

Note: Above picture of Pastor Ben Wong.

          Read more about CCMN in the link, watch the video too.

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