Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve Celebration

On 24th Dec 2012 our Church FBC celebrated the first Christmas at our new building.  Of the many Christmas celebrations, this was the grandest of them all.  Our Iban congregation has been reaching out to the Ibans in Sebuyau and about 100 of these folks came all the way from Sebuyau to celebrate with us.  Including other invited guests and members there must be close to 1000 people attending the Christmas celebration.  Our Ibans folks also helped in the preparation of the foods.  There were plenty of foods on that evening, and the foods were enough for so many people.  Beside foods, the English, Mandarin and Iban congregations performed dances, and songs to entertain our guests.  One of the high light of the evening was the "uncles" of our church performing the Gangnam Style dance.  It was hugely popular and entertaining. 

Praise God for a successful event!

Gangnam Style by FBC "Uncles"

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