Sunday, April 7, 2013

Understand Holocaust Understand Israel
About 32 of us from our Church will be making our pilgrimage to Israel on 15th April 2013.  This is not going to be a usual tour of a country but we are going as pilgrims, our hearts and souls connected to our God through the Holy Land.  It is God's divine plan for us to visit.  It is timely too as our government has officially allowed pilgrimage to Israel.  It was prohibited before end of last year.

When I read an article about the holocaust, the suffering of the Jews, and creation of the State of Israel, I realize the connection of Christians to Israel and understanding their plight is significant.  It was indeed God's plan for the re-creation of the ancient Israelite State.  God has appointed the Israelite to be the first people of God in the past, today they are till these people. Their suffering under the Nazi was horrendous and cruel.  The Nazi was so cruel and evil, sometimes we wonder how can a human inflict such pain and cruelty upon another human.  But God had said that man has evil hearts, and without God we perished.  Out of this suffering, the State of Israel was re-created in 1948 by about 660,000 Jews returning to Israel from all over the world.  Since then, they have prospered, but they are still not "out of the woods" as they have to struggle daily against their enemies living within and near their borders.  It has to be God's protection otherwise Israel cannot stand alone against their enemies surrounding them.  Similarly many Christians are also persecuted all over the world, we have seen that in Egypt, the Middle East, China, Indonesia, even in Malaysia here.  We Christians are connected to the Holy Land.  It may not be physical but it is certainly spiritual.  You cannot be a Christian and claim you do not want to know the history of the Israelite.

I am looking forward to our pilgrimage to Israel, and pray for fresh encounter with God in the Holy Land.

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