Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Biggest Church in South East Asia

The Calvary Church which is now known as Calvary Convention Centre has just recently moved into the new futuristic building.  If you look from the top you will see a space ship like structure.  It was constructed at a cost of MYR200 million ( about USD30 million).  The size is about 600,000 sq. ft covering about 5 acres of land.

For the past few years during the construction of this building, the church faced problems like some members accusing the Senior Pastor Gunarutnam and his assistants for misappropriation of funds.  If not mistaken, they were taken to court.  Despite the troubles the church went through the building is finally finished and occupied.

It is some kind of a statement for Christians in Malaysia.  The majority of our population is Muslim, and only about 9% of the population is Christian and yet such a huge church is now built.  This is also the testimony of steadfastness of Christians in this country.  Despite many odds against the Christian communities in this country we are able to worship in our own churches.

All glory to God!

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