Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why Should Christians Care about Israel
As a group of about 32 of us are preparing to make our pilgrimage to Israel, I came across an article explaining why Christians should care about Israel.  It is a given that Israel is the chosen land of God, and the Israelite are the chosen people of God.  There is no two ways about this.  As Christians we are children of God and He is the same God who chose Israel as His "home".  Against all odds, as it was prophesied in the Bible the nation of Israel will stand, thus in 1948 the modern state of Israel was created by more 660,000 returning Jews.

We Christians are forever connected to Israel, even if you do not like what ever is happening politically in Israel today.  We are also connected to Israel spiritually.  The historical connection is important because biblical times were recorded in history, and when we want to learn about God we have to study the historical facts.  You cannot understand Jesus fully if you do not know the places He has been, preach, teach and communicated with His disciples and the Jews.

Overall most of the media gives negative views of Israel and its policies.  But the realities in Israel and its surrounding are different.  People of different races and religions live together and help each others.  Like in the hospital you have Jewish doctors working side by side Arab doctors.  Similar patients from each race treated each other without any issue.

There is a good article on this subject, the author wrote very well please read it at the link above.

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