Monday, September 23, 2013

Fellowship of Evangelical Students (FES)

On Saturday 21st Sept 2013, FES Sarawak celebrated their 10th anniversary at FBC, Kuching.  FES started in the Peninsula in 1962 but it came to Sarawak only in 2002.  The General Secretary shared that earlier on it was not condusive to come but by 2002 many colleges and unversity had mushroomed in Sarawak, and working with Scripture Union, FES came to Sarawak.

Today there are about 750 higher learning institutions in Malaysia.  FES are in 80 of them nationwide.  The challenge is manpower to reach these universities.  FES is in need of Christians to serve in reaching out to the students.  From their experience they found this Christian foundation while students are in colleges most effective.  Many students who came through FES in varsities remain committed Christians through out their lives.

Sarawak has only 3 full time workers and they could only reach 20 institutions.  There are alot more ground to cover.  Our church elders Dr.Tiong and Dr. Chung are the Sarawak committe members, and they are in the forefront of students work here.

The 10th anniversary was well attended by all the top committee members from Peninsula and locally.  There were about 400 people attending and our churh sanctiary was full.  The evening programs included worship singing and some skips from the stidents from Miri, Bintulu, Sibu and Kuching.

Our church helped by providing the venue as well as the manpower to serve foods to the students and visitors.

All in all a very succesful evening.  Praise the Lord!

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