Saturday, September 14, 2013

Julius Suubi at Blessed Church
Pastor Julius Suubi is from Kenya although he is an Ugandan.  His church is called Highway of Holiness International Ministry based in Kenya.  This is not the first time he is in Kuching, he came here last year.  His last visit made an impact in Kuching especially in his prayer ministry.  His main teaching is about prayers and how all Christians can connect with God with prayers.  This time round, he emphasized on corporate prayers for our country.  This year is significant for Malaysia because it is the year of Jubilee.

Pastor G T Lim of Blessed Church led worship which ushered people to experience the presence of God during the service.  Pastor Lim is an experienced worship leader/recording artist and performer so the people really got into the worship "mode" during the service.

Pastor Julius taught about prayers and he refered to verses in the Bible to support his teaching. (Read more details in the link above written by professional journalist ).

After his sharing and teaching he led the congregation into praying in tongues. This must have lasted more than half and hour.  During this prayer I could feel in presence of the Lord.  The atmosphere was really charged with fervent prayers by those presence.

It was a wonderful and blessed prayer service.  Prayers in corporate setting is also important to the church beside personal prayers.  According to Pastor Julius these prayers have tremendous power.

Thank Pastor Julius Suubi for coming here to help us. Thank Pastor G T Lim for allowing this service to be held in his church.

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