Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pilgrimage to Holyland 8 - Prayers

Prayer is very important to us Christians because it is like blood in our bodies.  How can we survive if we do not have blood in us?  Therefore, one of the aims of our pilgrimage to the Holy Land was pray and worship.  Infact, during our visit to the Holy land everyday we prayed.  In the morning before we start our journey, we prayed in the bus.  Everyday at the end of the day we shared a devotion in the hotel we stayed.  Each pilgrim was assigned a day to lead the devotion and pray.  During this time, we also shared our experiences and what God had taught us during our visits for that day.

Answered Prayers

I remebered clearly the answer to one of our brothers who was baptiz
ed in the river Jordan.  He was scared of cold weather.  Therefore everyday he prayed that when he gets baptize in river Jordan, the weather will be warm. He was supposed to be baptized on a cold day, but thanks to God it was postponed by the tour guide.  On the day he was baptized, it was the hottest day we experienced while in Israel!  In fact it was unbearably hot around 40 degrees centigrade!  Hallelujah!  God answered his prayers!

Every holy places we went people were praying and some prayed very fervently.  I took a picture of a man wearing a usual cap instead of the skull cap praying very fervently devoting all his prayers to God on the Western Wall in Jerusalem. (See this picture on this page).  Many of us were praying with all our hearts during our visits to various sites.

God commanded us to pray unceasingly, 1 Thessolonians 5:17.  Of course there are many verses about prayers.  The challenge to us is to pray unceasingly everyday.

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