Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Service 28.2.10

Prior to the Sunday service, our Church had our usual morning prayer, and it was very encouraging to see many members turning up. In fact, the room was almost filled up! Praise God! We pray that many will come to join the prayer meeting. Next Sunday evening we are going to have our monthly prayer service, again we pray many will turn up too.

Brother Ho shared on Titus chapter 3, which was about doing good. He helped the congregation to go through each verse and explained in more details behind each verse. However, the main point of his sharing was about doing good. He said there were two kinds of doing good, one you do go to humbly help people in need, and two you help because you have self-interest motives. The second one is not godly and we should not do it. In doing good, Jesus looks inside the person and He does not look at the outside.

Another point is about foolish controversies. There is no point in arguing about such things. As Christians we should not be involved in such controversies.

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