Monday, February 1, 2010

Hundreds Report Healing, Restoration Through Lighthouse Evangelism

This is the testimony of the power of prayers and also the power of Holy Spirit. To read more check Lighthouse website:

Does God heal today?

It is hard to remain sceptical in the face of personal testimonies, especially when they are specific and come in the truckload, complete with claims of medical documentation.

Lighthouse Evangelism, an 11,500-strong megachurch known for its weekly miracle services, has posted over 200 detailed testimonies of named individuals and families who through attending its service have found healing and restoration of some kind on its website.

These testimonies report healing from various kinds of sicknesses, diseases and life-threatening afflictions including depression, panic attacks, slipped disc, bodily tumours, stroke, paralysis, blindness, dumbness, deafness, horizontal bending of the spine, barrenness; harmful habits like bad temper, watching pornographic films, compulsive nail-biting, smoking, gambling; and restoration of aspects of life including healthy family ties and economic stability.

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