Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday Service 7th Feb 2010

On Sunday our Church had the privilege to hear from Dr.Paul Ang from SIB, KL. He is no stranger to many in Kuching as he has preached many times in EBC.

Our Church is going through a transition and there are many issues to be sorted out. He came at the right time to share with us, how as a Church and also individual can move forward.

The title of his sermon was:

How to response during transition

Time such as this can be difficult in passing from one season to another. This transition may happen to Church, individual in their work life, private life etc. The important thing is how we respond to it, either positively or negatively.

Dr.Ang provided the following solutions:

1. Release your past – we have to release our past, and do not let the past hold us. 1Sam 16:1 Samuel mourned for Saul, and God asked him how long he mourned as God has rejected Saul and anointed David. Joshua 1:1 God told the Israelites that Moses was dead because they did not release from the past.
2. Hear from God – enquire from the Lord 1 King 19:12 and Vs 15. Know what God has installed for us the next season.
3. Response in the correct way- we are to leave our comfort zones. Ruth Ch 1. Dr. Ang related the story of his wife, and how his mother in law prayed for her when she was young. Prayer is important. No one can run from prayers.
4. Window of opportunity – can bring greater blessings
5. Persevere – do not give up. John 2:1

After his sermon he asked those who wanted to be prayed step up front, and almost the whole congregation stepped forward. Hallelujah! Praise God!

Note: you can log into Dr.Paul Ang's website from the link on the left side bar of this website.

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