Thursday, June 17, 2010

Food Galore in Kuala Lumpur

We Malaysians like our foods. You get plenty of varieties in Kuala Lumpur (KL).

Slide No. 1 - Fried dumpling from O & S Coffee shop at Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya, K.L. These tasty dumplings are sold by a Yong Tau Fu stall there. If you have a chance try it. No, I am not a marketing agent of this stall! Just that my family and I enjoyed these dumplings. We frequented this stall when we were staying in KL some years ago.

Slide N0. 2 - Curry Laksa also from O & S Coffee shop. Tasty but not too spicy hot. I have tried many stalls, this one is the best. Mou Tak Then! (If you know Cantonese)

Slide No. 3 - Old style peanut pancake. Sorry I did not have a picture of the cake. It is like the Malay "Apon Balik" (spelling ?) This type is cooked in probably 20 inches pan and cut into pieces. Brings back memories of the old days.

Slide No. 4 - Sushi, popular Japanese foods. These were from Jusco supermarket at I Utama Shopping complex. Those who like Japanese foods, you can get these at Jusco priced reasonably.

Slide No. 5 -Carl Junior burger. This is American. The resturant came to KL few years ago. Their burgers are charcoal boiled, so they taste much nicer than the usual pan fried varieties. It is filling, could not finish a burger in one sitting! At lease for "old" person like me!

Slide No. 6 - Beef noodle from Petaling street. Taste is average.

Slide No. 7 - Cantonese fried kueh tiaw ( flat white noodle ). This is from Manhattan Restuarant at Berjaya Building. It is tasty, the texture of the noodle is just right.

Slide No. 8 - Fried Kueh Tiaw from Pavillion Mall food court. Tasted very good. The presentation is nice, with the natural leaf container.

Slide No. 9 - Lai Foong Beef Noodle. This is the most tasty beef noodle in KL! The owner started this stall 56 years ago at the same location! (now second generation serving). You can eat this at Lai Foong Retaurant near to Petaling Street.

Slide No.10 - Hainanese Chicken Rice from Manhattan Restaurant. Very authentic and traditional tasting chicken rice. Very tasty.

Slide No. 11 - Korean noodles soup served with kimchi and pickled carrot. It has its own unique taste, good. Found in a small korean restaurant at Berjaya Time Square.

The Bible said our soul can be satisfied with richest of foods. Foods are necessary for sustaining our health if eaten in appropriate amount. This Psalm says they even feed our souls and we praise God.

Psalm 63:5
My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you.

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