Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday Service - 27th June 2010

On Sunday Brother James Lee of "Breakthrough" came to share with our Church the work of this Christian volunteer organisation. The main aim of Breakthrough is to help the marginalised especially the poor regardless of race. Brother Lee showed our congregation some slides of those whom they have helped. Some of these people were really poor and some were old who could not take care of themselves. He showed a case of an oldlady of 73 years old, dispite having 12 children none took care of her, she lives alone. Some of our Church members are involved in this organisation. In fact our elder Dr.Tiong is helping the organisation in examining the eyes of the elderly and give them glasses where necessary.

Here is a case of The Three Boys.( See pictures )

The three boys whose parents were divorced had left them to fend for themselves. The youngest is 11, hope to go to school some day. The other brothers are 17 and 15 both working part-time to survive the family.

Note: Pictures and textabout the three boys is from Breakthrough website )

You can read more about their work from their website : www.breakthrough.org.my

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