Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Service - Father's Day

This Sunday is special because it is Father's Day. The youths of FBC made a presentation. The presenter was Aaron Poh, Bro.Teck Lim's son. He started with a video "Tribute to Parents"(Watch below) followed by the youth singing "You Raise Me Up". Despite the minor hiccup in the singing presentation, all of us appreciated the efforts of the young people. All parents were also given each a token gift, mothers included.

A power point presentation

In this powerpoint, the backgrounds are pictures of our youths who went kayaking on Saturday.(Plus other pictures). The youths of FBC is led by Bro.Chung Chek, Sis Piak Imm,assisted by elders Bro Soon King and Sis Sarah. Some other elders also went along. All had a blessed trip.

Nehemiah International

Our Church had the previlege of having Dr.Han of Nehemiah from Germany to speak to us. He just came from Kalimantan where his organisation is helping a village with medical facilities and other amendities beside sharing the Gospel there.

Dr.Han is a social scientist, involving in helping drug addicts, the poor, homeless in Germany. Nehemiah was set up about 20 years ago to build bridges amongst the Churches in Germany. Traditionally, Churches there did not communicated with each other well.

Dr.Han also shared with us about reaching out to others, and how he has been sharing his live with non-Christians all over the world. He is a marathoner and he associated himself with fellow runners and after gaining their trust he introduced the gospel to them. His sharing is helpful as our Church is also reaching out to others through the Alpha course, and his ideas certainly helped.

He said he is ordinary like all of us. Jesus used the ordinary to teach the gospel to others, and we all can do it too.

He urged those who were not sure to pray to God to give them oportunity to serve Him. We all can start with befriending someone, or people whom we share particular interest. Like him he likes running, perhaps you may be interested in art, photography and many other things. Associate with people of similar interests, slowly gain their trust, and put the gospel into actions.

Personally, I think this is a powerful message. The important thing is to gain the trust of people and show them genuine love of Jesus.

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