Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alpha Course - Friday 30th July 2010

This coming Friday is an important milestone for our Church FBC. We are launching the Alpha course to all our members as well as our guests. This far about 20 guests have been invited and we pray more will turn up. There is another list of potential guests, about 60 people in this list. Like what we were taught at the Alpha training, prayer is very important. This evangelistic meeting is not our effort, but the Holy Spirit. This idea just strike me when attending the training, and Nicky Gumbel presented it clearly that it is the Holy Spirit working in the people we invited, it is not our effort that counts. I was kind of worried about the logistics and other matters relating to the hosting of our very first Alpha course. In fact, some of our leaders shared similar views. Now, I can be assured that I need not worry, just let our Lord take it over. Yes, we will still be doing all the necessary arrangements, like the venue, registering guests, foods, multi-media etc. In fact, we event have back ups DVD players plus pcs to ensure we can play the DVD featuring Nick Gumble introducing the audience to the Alpha course!

We can make all the preparation, but it is the Holy Spirit who will work in everyone attending the course.

"Dear Lord, we come to commit the Alpha course to you. Lord it is your work, and we are only the instruments. Lord let your Holy Spirit work in everyone who attend. Even now Lord, may you visit and touch the hearts of those whom we have invited and those whom we are thinking to invite. Lord God, thank you for this opportunity to share the Good News with our relatives and friends, Amen".

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