Saturday, July 31, 2010

Alpha Introduction Night

Last evening, our Church introduced the first Alpha course to our guests and our members. More than a hundred people turned up. Praise God for making the first session a success! It was really the work of the Holy Spirit. All participants were put into groups. There were three groupings meant for the guests, but some guests also joined their friends in the respective Life Group team. I was one of the host, and in my group I had six guests, three non believers, and 4 believers. This was my first experience as a host, so I need to get use to leading a group. Certainly there are many areas of improvement needed. There were some interesting stories shared by our guests. A believer shared that her husband strictly forbids her to attend church. She came without the knowledge of her husband or that she was attending a church function. That was indeed a marvelous and encouraging testimony. She shared that she has been praying for her husband to come to Christ. Her relative who brought her and ourselves will also be praying for her and her family. Praise God for bringing such people in our midst! Another guest, a non believer shared that she is quite happy with her life now, but she is still searching for the truth. Her husband is a Buddhist and interestingly she said she has yet to be "converted" to be a Buddhist. ( usually the word "convert" is used by Christians or Muslim, have not heard its use by Buddhist). Again by grace of God, I pray that this guest's mind will be changed by our Lord Jesus, and that she will join His kingdom in due course.

Really it has been an exciting journey for all of us in FBC. Praise God for His love and faithfulness. I am looking forward to the next session! Hallelujah!

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