Saturday, July 10, 2010

Expository Teaching on Romans

From 5th to 8th July (7.30pm to 10pm) our church had the honour of the Carters teaching us on Romans chapter 1 to 8. Pastor John and Pastor Andrew Carter (father and son team) came all the way from the U.K to share with us. Indeed, we are very appreciative of their love and commitment to our Lord. They have also the heart to impart their knowledge on the Book to us. Once again "Thank you" to Pastor John and Pastor Andrew Carter.

The four nights of teaching were interesting because they went into the depts of the chapters explaining in details almost verse by verse what they all mean. The Book of Roman is not easy to understand, at least to me, therefore, their exposition had helped me a great deal. Now I can go futher to reserch and learn what Paul is really tellig us Christians. The Carters had also given us a details line by line explanation of what they were coverng.

RC Sproul, the US Pastor and Theologian had expounded in his writing on Romans, and here is also a short video of his comments on the Book of Romans.

Slides on Teaching of Romans Chapter 1 to 8

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