Thursday, August 2, 2012

Peter Truong Healing Service

Pastor Peter Truong is from Hope Church, Brisbane, Australia.  He has been in Kuching for the past two weeks to conduct several healing services for a number of churches.  He was preaching and teaching at our church last Sunday, and on Monday evening he conducted another Spirit filled healing service at our church.

In this service our church invited churches from Kuching to join.  Christians came from Good News Fellowship, Emmanuel Baptist church, Calvary Family church, St.Faith Anglican, Trinity Methodist church and of course not forgetting members from Hope church, Kuching.  Their pastor Dennis Lu also attended this service.

Probably about 200 hundred Christians were in the service, and there were a few non Christians invited by our members.  It was a Spirit filled healing service as many were expecting the move of the Holy Spirit in healing emotional, spiritual, and physical ailments.  Before the healing service started, Bro.Austin of St.Faith Anglican shared how he was prayed by Pastor Peter two years ago when he was having throat cancer then.  Doctors at the General Hospital here instructed him to go to Kuala Lumpur to seek treatment, but he did not go as he trust the Lord to heal him.  He went through the normal chemo and radiation, and praise the Lord that he did not drop any hair like the other patients.  That alone was a testimony to the others.  Later he was prayed by Pastor Peter and following that he was healed of his cancer.  Praise the Lord! 

The Spirit filled worship continued as the healing service was conducted.  That was the first time, I ever witnessed about 50 brothers and sisters were slain in one session after Pastor Peter prayed for them!  Glory to God!  Many were healed of their ailments, and some gave their testimonies later in the service.

When Pastor Peter conducted an altar call and four non believers came forward and accepted Jesus as their personal Savior!  Hallelujah! 

The service started at 7.30 pm and only finished at 12 midnight.

Thank God for sending Pastor Peter Truong to our church!


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