Saturday, September 15, 2012

Biggest Cults in America

Recently the world witnessed the death of the leader of a cult, Sun Myung Moon of Unification church.  The other big cult in America is the Mormons.  The other which is well known is Jehovah Witness.  In fact many of these cults that you have in America are also in our own country Malaysia.  I have not really heard of the Moonies here, but there are Jehovah Witness as well as Mormons in our midst.  Even in this small city of Kuching we have a fairly large church of Latter Day Saints that is what Mormons are officially known.  From my own experiences with the Mormons, on the surface they appeared to be Christians, but when you get deeper into what they believe you find that they are not Christians at all!  They even have their own "bible", The Book of Mormon.

Beside these obvious cults there are other influences of society which author J.Lee Grady pointed out :

1. Idol of atheism
2. Idol of free sex
3. Idol of state control
4. Idol of anti Christian tolerance

These are the prevailing trends in America but for us there are others.  I believe anything that distract us from our God is any idol.  It may be the internet as you spend more time using it than reading God's Words!

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